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That They Might Live

It's all I want
Oh, that they might live
These men around me
Behind these prison walls
Really live, not just exist
Risen from the shattered dreams
Beaming with lovedness
Unshackled in joy
Singing without shame
Thankful and generous
Lost boys found
Dead to all division
Delighted in new horizons
Cheerful and supportive
Hope renewed
Gentle eyes sparkle
Heavy shoulders relax
Tired hands settle
Yokefellows bind one to another
Teams of righteousness
Fitted tools for harvest
Life in the making
Glory yet to see
Lovely, fruitful wives
Joyful beaming little ones
Dinner tables filled with simplicity
Kept homes and 'honey do's'
Relatives for the holidays
"Sour mash and new moonshine
Down on the copperline"
Good wine and the perfect aria
And most of all
Your delicious presence
Oh, Father, let it be
That these men would know Life
Fill them with hope and promise
Open heaven's storehouses for them
Shower down all your best
An bring them into the land

-Stephen Pursell, 11/13/02