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Rescue Operation

They're out there men
While we're in here
Packed like sardines
Gazing through the chain link
Dreaming of them 'on the outs'
They are out there
Needing us
Broken and torn
Bent under a burden of shame
Up on the tables
Lost in men's laps
Wrapped around a pole
Spread wretched for all to use
Ragged and needle-tracked
Drunk, used and forgotten
Those are our women, men
How can we stand in the face of this
This ins not the way for us
That's my bride there
The other  one is yours
The mothers of our children to be
And here we sit seemingly helpless
But it is not so
If you will but listen
For this voice cries out
From the wilderness I call
Restoration! Life for us all!
Especially these daughters of Zion
What are we waiting for?
Let's hurdle the prison walls
And rush the enemy's camp
Let's reclaim our women form destruction
God gave them to us
But we are complicit in their degradation
Hell yawns before you
But the gate to heaven is open
And the Father would show us
The greatest party of all
Come with me, men, I'm going in
Devil be damned, I'm going to win

-Stephen Pursell, 6/24/02