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Like David

Bless this man, Lord
This Davidic worshiping warrior
This brother, my comrade in arms
Touch him and soothe him
Carry him through his valley of trial
Pour more Davidic oil on his head
Bring him leaping in joy
Dancing into his promised fruitfulness
Lift his head, Lord
From this dungeon, to Pharoah's right hand
From this prison we are in
To his very own land of plenty
Though at his time he wonders at the carnage
But restore, Lord, double for his shame
You have promised it!!
You have written it in your word
That you would bring beauty for ashes
You have declared from your lips
That mourning would give way to joy
You are faithful, you never fall short
So I trust you to be true to your word
He'll be blessed in the country and city
He'll be blessed in the fruit of the womb
May he dance like David in great freedom
I know you are pleased with his love
He longs to dwell close in your presence
Drinking of you in your courts
Pull him close, Lord, ever closer
Lift him, draw him higher
Show him your glory in the temple
Send a seraphim to purge his lips
Raise him up in your image
And launch him against the giants
May others follow close in this train
To terrify and obliterate the enemy
And usher in your Kingdom
And establish forever your throne
In Jerusalem, The City of David

-Stephen Pursell,  original 9/2/03, revised 1/14/15, written for Mike Suarez, a friend in prison