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I remember you
When hard hearts around me speak their bitter words
I remember how you have caressed me with your voice
When cold steel caps together 
Sounding a harsh reminder of my imprisonment
I remember the song of your laughter
And when hard hands suspiciously strip me 
Abusing my flesh, intending to defile
I remember you
I remember the tenderness of your touch
What is life without the tenderness of woman?
Where would we be without feminine grace
May I find my own tenderness within
May I grace you as you have blessed me
May I not give into the temptation to harden
May I return to you and return gentleness
May I not forget
Let me remember you
Let me treasure you as God has willed it
Man laying down his life for woman
In all your flaws and pristine glory 
I will carry you in my heart
Through these halls of hardness 
I remember you

-Stephen Pursell, 4/28/02