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Christian Medical Facility

Great white buildings, a lighthouse of hope
A shining beacon, a healing home
A shelter for the broken
A safety for the falling
A rescue operation
A home for lost souls
Bring your Kingdom here, Lord
Reveal oh God, your purpose for this place
Your plans, your original design
Before the enemy's invasion
Before the injury to this land
A return to what you always had in mind
A birthing of your heart for broken children
Your life's blood flowing over the wounds
Come, Lord, heal, Lord
This place is called to show your purpose
To help, not hurt the ones who come
May it shine ever so brightly for you
And confound the world that is watching
Showing the 'wise' that you have always seen
That these are precious treasures in your coffers
Thrown away, unwanted by the 'good'
But valued in your heart beyond description
Not forgotten
Though rejected my the norm
For you have always cared for them
Ever you have been watching
That you will come to claim your own
And make this place as you have wished
Where men will find their one true Father
And receive the Life for which they were made
Come, Lord, heal, Lord
May your purpose alone prevail and stand

-Stephen Pursell, 3/19/03, written as a prophetic blessing for CMF/Vacavillle, a state prison in California, USA where I was incarcerated for over 3 years and where the majority of the poems on this site were written