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Blessing For Kevin

Bless him, Lord, this dear man of prayer
Help me with him, the burden bearer
As we lay our necks to your yoke
To live the word for us you spoke
And claim for you the land you've prized
To fight until the evil ship is capsized
And give to you the souls we find
Return to you the gems we've mined
Bring in the catch that fill our nets
Cast down our crowns with no regrets
In which we men become your wife
To you, oh King, the glory be
Thanks for this dear friend to me
This man, this lion, a heart like mine
To taste of all Glory divine
To dive into your sea of life and explore
The untold riches of your store
My Lord and King, who lives in him
May in him your Spirit never dim
Come Lord come touch this precious gem
Walk slow so he can reach your garment's hem
Oh, Lord, come bless this servant true
Thank you that in him there is much of you
For you that him forever foreknown
That he may serve near to your throne
Come bless him, Lord, make straight his paths
Thank you for sparing him your wraths
In him may you your glory show
That all around us, your name they may know
Bless him Lord, this royal prince
Fill his eyes with glory glints
Set him apart to endure the fray
And preserve him in the evil day

-Stephen Pursell, 112/7/ 02

This is a photo from a gathering of the Kairos ministry at CMF/Vacaville State Prison in California USA, where my good friend and yokefellow to the cross, Kevin Devereaux, and I served the Lord in prison together as part of the Army From Behind The Walls.  Kevin, who was and more than that IS a mighty man of prayer, is with the Lord now, where he prays for us now more effectively than ever.  I praise God I have a friend like him among the saints in heaven praying for me.  I look forward to seeing him again.