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I saw it today
The beginnings of a great wave
Form behind these foreboding walls
With tall, razor wire fences
And unkind slavemasters in green
God's sons reaching into heaven
David's army touching the face of the King
Tasting the edge of his presence
Dipping into the fringe of his pool of Life
Coming to drink of the Living Spring
Waving their hands to the Father above
Stretching to heaven
Blessing the One who is Worthy
It's beginning
We are stretching yet
He is calling, he's tugging
We are scratching and plodding
He is wooing and coaxing
Oh, brothers, let's run with him!
Cast aside the shallow fetters
Dive into deep waters
Oh, to dance suspended in the medium of Life
To swim in the air of grace
To settle in the land of peace
To float on the breeze of Love
To sail on the sea of Mercy
It's begun, let us not turn away
I've wanted brothers to run with
Let's hold one another up
Let's lift him up
The One who is Worthy to be praised!

-Stephen Pursell, 11/26/02