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Army From Behind The Walls

Broad shoulders, thickly muscled
Powerful jaws
Cantaloupe-shaped deltoids
Flashing smiles
Some missing teeth
Washboard stomachs
Meaty palms, strong fingers
Thick, veiny arms
Pounding thighs and bulging calves
Tattooes everywhere
Piercing eyes, glowing foreheads
Powerful voices
Soothing with sound
The power of peace
All creation has groaned for them
The dark hosts quake
Here come sons of the Most High
Fearless and terrifying
The gates of hell tremble
Words of Life come forth
The sons issue Life from their lips
The fire of the Conquering King
Flashing from their eyes
The darkness screams and flees
These are men of the Bride
The warrior that she is
Sowers of Life
Spiritual giants
Once prisoners
Within and without
Now freed and freeing others
The Lion within them charges
Gun towers fall
Razor wire melts
"These men have been with Jesus"
All the enemy's hosts know it
And quake in utter terror

Stephen Pursell, original 6/20/02, revised 11/15/14. 

With this poem we also honor the memory of Michael Tomlinson, formerly pastor of Jordan Crossing Ministries in Oroville, CA, USA.  Mike has gone to be with the Lord and was himself redeemed from being a criminal and convict. He coined the term "The Army Behind The Walls" in reference to God's men in prison.  Mike reached out to his brothers in prison throughout his ministry and led many souls to Christ. I particularly thank Mike for his honor for my late father, F.D. "Doug" Pursell, and for his love for the prceious souls behind the walls of prison surrounded by razor wire and gun towers.