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Abundance For Ray

Bless my brother, Ray, Lord
Lift him and fill him
Deeper in you thrill him
As he thirsts for deep waters
Open wide his mouth that you may fill it
Catch him into the heavens
Reveal your son in him
More love, more grace, more power
Bless his home Lord
Hold his wife near
Comfort her and direct her
Deploy your warring host on her behalf
Feed his ija, his precious daughter
Train her up in your ways
Surround her with loving friends
May she be blessed and kept
A treasure among the Jesus generation
An Anna, a Deborah, a Ruth and Esther
Bless Ray's work, Lord
Be glorified in the work of his hands
His word in the ministry
May your anointing grow deeper daily
Bring him into deep rivers
Send him sharpeners and disciples
Honor him among you servants
Finish his Faith, Lord
Turn him on the anvil
Keep him fresh to the flame
Burn your love ever deeper in him
Call him to be a son of the Most High God
Glorify yourself in him
Reveal the truth of who you want him to be
A son of the Living God

-Stephen Pursell, 10/01/03