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Rosicrucian America Repentance, 7/3/16

Abba, Father we come before your awesome throne in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, your Only Begotten Son, whom we declare as God in the flesh and King over all creation. We seek repentance and forgiveness and cleansing for our national sin, us and our fathers before us.  We come before you in prayer, humbly, as the prophet Daniel did in Daniel 9, to confess the sins of our generation and previous ones. Lord, we Cry Out For America, confessing the sins of the Founding Fathers and their occult intent to build a nation based on Rosicrucian, false Christianity and occult values, a Rosicrucian Nation that would develop into 'The New Atlantis." We confess all the sins of the Founding Fathers: Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and Illuminati: blood oaths to Lucifer as God, human sacrifice, sodomy, murder and witchcraft, sorcery, false religion and the corrupt use of laws from the throne of iniquity(Psalm 94:20). Forgive us, Lord!! We confess Our National Idolatry and how we have worshiped our nation as these men wanted us to: pridefully and arrogantly calling ourselves "the greatest nation in the history of earth" when your Word clearly tells us that your favorite people and nation is Israel. We confess how we have worshiped our government, looking to it and putting our trust in it to solve all our problems instead of trusting in you. Lord, we have been a very proud and rebellious people, just as those men who formed our government were. Forgive us Lord! Let the blood of Jesus wash away these ugly sins and cleanse us make make us whole! Please break the curses that have fallen on us because of these unrepented sins and restore us to the covenant we have with you because of the godliness of our Pilgrim Fathers, whose memory we honor. And we thank you for the good men that were among our Founding Fathers who wanted a godly nation and were able to help provide some holy influence in the formation of the government. Lord, give us a New American Government  from heaven! One straight from your awesome throne, a pure one, the one you want, one that is not laced with rebellion that leads to a flood of dissipation, as we have today. Forgive us, Abba, Father, forgive us and restore us! Show us how to build a new government that we may live in obedience to you. Amen. Hallelujah!!

Steve Pursell, 7/3/16