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A Prayer To Receive Eternal Salvation, 11/30/14

Heavenly Father, Almighty God, Author of Life, and Righteous Judge of the Universe, I come humbly before your awesome throne of Grace to receive the great Love you have for me.  I have heard that you love me and want to give me Eternal Life and glorious destiny as child of God, a life beyond anything I could imagine for myself.  I seek to receive that Life and eternal salvation from my sins and from the eternal damnation in the fire of hell that will be my eternal destination if I refuse your incredible free gift of Life.  I acknowledge that I have been a sinner: that I have run my life my own way, having rebelled against your holy statutes for righteous living, rejecting your authority over my life and thus I am deserving of death and hell.   I acknowledge that you and your heaven are holy and that my sin precludes me from your presence and from heaven and that only the perfect sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ on the cross and his shed blood for my sins is adequate to save me from sin and hell.  I humbly ask your forgiveness and I receive now this blessed provision you have made for me to be saved.  I make it my confession of faith that Jesus is from henceforth my Savior and Lord and that I believe you raised him from the dead.  Please forgive me for all my many sins up to this day and wash them away in Jesus' blood and give me new spiritual birth.  I declare my total willingness and desire to turn from all practices that you define as sinful according to your holy word.  I ask to be translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Your Dear Son.  Lord Jesus, I acknowledge you as my King and my God, who came in the flesh. I ask you to come live in me and through and conform me into your likeness that I too might become a son of God, not God like you but your little brother and holy like you. By faith I declare that I receive this great salvation that is offered to me and I declare that I am no longer a sinner but a child of God who has been given new life, Eternal Life, and that I have been made a new creation.   Holy Spirit I ask you to come invade every aspect of my life and take over my spirit, soul and body completely to continue the work of repentance unto complete salvation and restoration that you have begun today.  I ask you to help me yield to you very aspect of my life and reform my heart to love you the most and to only love the things you love.  I declare my faith in the basic precepts of the true christian faith: that the Lord Jesus, who is God in the flesh, was born of a virgin, lived sinless life and was unjustly condemned as criminal and murdered by wicked men but that God the Father has received his death and Jesus' perfect blood as a perfect sacrifice for all the sins of mankind and that he was raised to life on the third day and has returned to heaven but will return to earth soon to set up his eternal Kingdom in Jerusalem.   I declare my enlistment in the Army Of Light to be used of God to fight Satan, the enemy of God and all His creation and be used of God to regain the earth for Jesus and present it back to him. Lord, I ask you to do whatever it takes in my life, no matter the cost, to conform me into the image of Jesus and  bring you the maximum glory for all the ages to come.  Thank you for receiving me as your child and redeeming me and putting me on the path to Life. I give you glory and honor and I commit my entire life to you to serve you all of my days.  In Jesus' Mighty Name I pray.  Amen.

 -Stephen Pursell, 11/30/14