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Our Sisters, 2/27/14

Heavenly Father, I come before your awesome throne in the mighty name of your Only Begotten Son, Jesus. I give you praise and glory for who you are, I worship you for your beauty and glory. Father today I lift before you all my sisters in Christ who are waiting for the husband of your choosing. I thank you for your plan to bring them to the right man. I thank you that your hand is on their lives and that you see them as your precious daughters and long to give them only the best, including a man to love them as they deserve. In my desire to see my sisters blessed with good husbands I pray also for the men. I pray you lay your hand heavily on these men's lives. Teach them to chirish, adore, love, Honor, and serve women. Teach them to bless women with their words and serve them with their deeds. Make them patient, attentive, sensitive, gentle and tender, yet strong and authoritative, manly and powerful. Teach them to lead in the things of you. Prepare them to love, cherish, protect, serve and adore my sisters as you have designed men to do in obedience to you. Raise up men who honor women Lord, true men, men who put you first and serve women out of their relationship with you. Put your beautiful heart for women in these men. I thank you that you are preparing my sister's to be fitting wives to these men, bless them as they grow in you, draw them deep into you. I thank you for your awesome plan of marriage done your way: the beauty, the glory, the passion, the intimacy and unity of it. Bring these marriages into being I pray. Amen.

-Steve Pursell, 2/27/14