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Marriage Contract With Jesus, 6/14


Lord Jesus, you are my Savior, my King and my God, God in the flesh, the Lover of my soul.  You have offered to marry me and make me part of your Bride forever.  I wholeheartedly accept and in honor of how you have designed the marriage contact between the Bridegroom and the Bride to be, I offer to you what I expect from you out of this marriage:

I expect complete oneness with you and to know you better than any other man ever has.

I expect a wife who is the most beautiful woman in the world inside and out:
she must love you more than anything and pursue you with all her strength and love me and our children immensely.  She must have an extraordinarily beautiful face and a phenomenal womanly figure.

I expect at least 10 quintiillion dollars to build your Kingdom with, to start with, and the right to expect more as time goes along.

I expect to get to be a part of creating sanctuaries for persecuted Jews in the last days.

I expect to be a part of developing cities of refuge in the last days.

I expect to be totally healed of all spiritual and soul wounds and have divine health and be cleanse of all tainted human or Nephilite genes and delivered from all demons and human spirits.

I expect to experience immense peace, joy and love all the time.

I expect to be your best friend of all time and walk in the fullness of sonship.

I expect for all my family to love and respect me appropriately and accept the truth of the family history.

I expect to walk in absolute authority of over all sin, sickness, and death and to be totally conformed to your likeness in this life before the end of the age.

I expect to walk in creative healing miracles like nothing earth has ever seen.

I expect to make many disciples who love you like you deserve.

I expect to walk in immense authority and power over all the demonic realm and I expect to walk in the pleasure of destroying Satan’s creatures(Nephilim, chimera, etc.) and ships.

I expect to be used of you to call down judgments from heaven against sin.

I expect all who have attacked and maligned me to be brought to my feet, especially Satan, his and fallen angels, and demons and wicked human spirits.

I expect to help build the Kingdom government in America and throughout the earth.

I expect for you to save, heal and deliver all the souls of every man and woman in CDCR.

I expect to sit at Kingdom roundtables with the Men In White Linen, the Apostles, the Patriarchs, the Prophets, etc. and make war on the enemy.

I expect to rescue orphans all over the world and provide for them and love them as my children and receive their love for me as their dad.

I expect to experience Phillip’s transport, translation, transfiguration and glorification.

I expect to do greater things than you did because you have gone to the Father according to John 14:12.

I expect to travel to other inhabited planets and see them and the people there.

I expect all the forces of darkness would be be in abject terror of me: to be the most feared man by the devil and his army in all history except for you.

I expect to travel in the heavens and to travel forward and backward in time as I please.

And did I mention be your best friend.

I expect to become your closest and favorite brother ever and I expect you to appear to me and talk to me and help me and be my best friend.

I expect you to send your best friends throughout history to meet with me and work together with me to fulfill all you have for me to do for you.

I expect to go and come from Heaven as I please and I expect to go into the second heaven any time I want to terrify Satan.

I expect you to get all the glory for every good thing that happens in and through my live.

I expect to have the great joy of suffering many great persdcutions for the glory of your name.

I expect to walk your bride down the isle and give her to you.

I expect to join with Michael in the binding of Satan and putting him in prison for 1000 years.

I expect to join in the process of casting the Beast and the False Prophet and Satan and all his minions into the lake of fire.

I expect a fit, healthy, muscular, body with plenty of healthy muscle and a trim waist.

I expect you to allow me to add to this list as time goes by and for you to help me add new and better and greater things to this list because you are the God of John 14:12 and Eph. 3:20.

Oh, and one more thing: to be your very best friend of all time and serve next to you in your kingdom forever, no matter the cost, no matter the pain, because you are worth it and I love you.

-Stephen Pursell, 6/14