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Pray Down the Pope, 5/6/19

The other day I was amazed today to find this dream of Augusto Perez' wherein he saw the pope stepping down. I believe this could indicate that Francis may not fulfill the demonic destiny of him being The False Prophet and maybe the Antichrist could be held off for another generation. I found it amazing and hopeful and clearly we need to pray in agreement with it. I have sent it to several remnant leader friends. I find great hope in it. Thanks so much to Augusto for posting it to his website(see link below).  Here also is a word God gave me that may be in agreement with the pope dream. It includes how God said, "The New World Order is coming down." Now I believe we have a real shot at holding off the Beast system for another generation and Bob Jones' word could come true: the one about him seeing the year 2060 and Jesus still had not come in person yet but the sons of God had manifest.  

(PRAYER) Father, we thank you for this dream and we pray in agreement with it that you pour out your Light and completely expose the pope and bring him down so that he has to step down. We pray you use this to derail the enemy's plan to raise up the Beast system in this generation. Thank you, Mighty God.

New Trump Cabinet

Much love to you and yours.

Steve Pursell, 5/6/19

This same message and prayer on Youtube.