by Paul L. Cox, Aslan's Place

Renunciation for All Babylonian Generational Evil
by Sarah Victor

Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me and all members of my ancestral line for the sin of stubbornness which is as idolatry and the sin of rebellion which is as witchcraft. 
Lord, forgive us for trusting in man and for making man-made things, philosophies, inventions and technologies our idols and for trusting them. You are our strength. Help us to enter into Your rest.
Forgive us for the creation of all pagan practices and associations with the Babylonian System.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me and all members of my ancestral line for the spirit of rebellion that was in Nimrod who set himself to oppose You  and led a revolt against You. [1][2][16]
On behalf of my ancestors I repent and renounce the tyranny and despotism that Nimrod practiced and for the evil of the empire that he established. [5] We repent for the lust for power that the empire was founded on. [9] We repent for the hunting of the souls of men that Nimrod did. [5] We repent for the trading of the souls of men in Babylon.
Forgive us for this spirit of rebellion that that the city of Babel or Babylon was founded in and which has contaminated the land of Shinar (Mesopotamia) to this day.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to forgive me and all members of my ancestral line for all the beliefs and attitudes that caused the building of the religious ziggurat which was the Tower of Babel. [9]
We repent for the arrogance and presumption that holds that men could by themselves build the gateway to God. [2]
We repent for the astral worship and astrology practiced at the tower of Babel. [6]
We repent for the fear that the people lived in that they would be scattered abroad living in isolated communities where they would be exposed to danger and be unknown and without honor and standing in their community. [6]
We repent for this fear that led them to build this religious tower so that they could ‘make a name for themselves’. We repent for using the power of religion to share the glory of God and to make a name for ourselves and to try to control our lives and our future. [6] We repent for this spirit of Babylon which uses religious authority to gain earthly power and prestige. [6]
We repent for our self-will, the arrogance that would make us believe that we could accomplish anything that we wanted on our own without You. [6]
Lord, help us not to avoid but to embrace the risks of establishing new frontiers, to be fruitful and replenish the earth, to bring Your dominion to bear in places where there had not been any before, to fulfill the destinies that You have for our lives. [15]
We repent for rebellion, pride, self-will and self-exaltation that lead us to want to ‘make a name for ourselves’ instead of partnering with You to pursue the magnificent birthright and destiny that You have given to us.

Lord we repent for being aligned with Babylon, the City of Man. Please help us to be citizens of and aligned with the City of God - New Jerusalem. [2]
Lord, help us to enter into Your inheritance for us by faith, looking for a city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is You.

Lord, we repent for the state religion that Nimrod established, which deified and worshiped the emperor (Nimrod). We repent for the worship of Satan and his demons, star-worship. [9]
We repent for the worship of Nimrod as connected to the planet Jupiter, as Zeus in Greece, as Jupiter in Rome [25]
Lord, we repent for the worship of Nimrod as Marduk or ‘Bull Calf of the Sun’ – god of magic and incantations, [24] god of the agricultural people. [26]
We repent for the worship of this entity as the god associated with the planet Mars [9] as the patron deity of the city of Babylon, also known as Bel or ‘lord’ [25]  , as the ‘bull of Utu’ and the bull called Nandi, steed of the Hindu God Shiva. [20]
We repent for the worship of this entity as the ‘Bull of Heaven’ and for the symbol of the crescent moon as symbolized by the horns of the bull. [25] [20]
We repent for the worship of the bull in Egypt as Apis, embodiment of Ptah and later of Osiris. [20]
We repent for the worship of the bull in Greece as the ‘Bull of Crete’, the Minotaur. [20]
We repent for the worship of Nimrod as Ninus in Babylon, Kronos - ‘The Bull-Horned One’ or Saturn in Rome, Zeus in Greece, Osiris in Egypt, Zoroaster in Chaldea. We repent for his representation as Hercules or

We repent for the worship of Semiramis, wife of Nimrod, queen of Babylon. [1]
We repent for the worship of the Queen of Heaven, Ammas or Mother of the gods, Ge or Gaia the Earth goddess, as the Madonna in Italy, Juno, Cybele or Rhea in Rome, Athena, Minerva or Hera in Greece, Shing Moo or Ma Tsoopo in China, Astarte or Ashtoreth in Phoenicia. [1]
We repent for the worship of Semiramis as Aphrodite of Greece, Venus of Rome, Vesta or Terra of Rome [1]

We repent for the worship of the unholy trinity in the Babylonian mysteries – Nimrod, his consort Semiramis and their posthumous son Tammuz (proclaimed as the reincarnation of Nimrod). We repent for all the paganism and idol worship that had their roots in the legends having to do with Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz. [1]
We repent for the worship of Semiramis and Tammuz as
Semiramis and Tammuz of Babylon
Ashtoreth and Tammuz of Phoenicia
Isis and Horus of Egypt
Aphrodite and Eros of Greece
Venus and Cupid of Rome
Cybele and Deoius of Asia
Parvati and Iswara of India
Madonna and Child in various cultures [1][2]
We repent for the system of Mysteries of Babylon that was set up when this false worship went underground in Babylon at the time when Nimrod was killed. We repent for the intended purpose – that of glorification of the dead Nimrod. We repent for the sacrifices to the dead that this worship involved. [1]
We repent for the ritual of the lamenting his early death at the summer solstice. [1]
We repent for the use of seals of secrecies, oaths, initiation ceremonies and magic used to continue this idolatry in secret. We repent for the spreading of this secret mystery religion through the earth. [1]
We repent for Freemasonry which was founded on the Mysteries of the Egyptian Isis, the goddess-mother, wife of Osiris [1]
We repent for all other mystery and false religions that we or our ancestors have practiced, such as Satanism, Luciferianism, Illuminati, Gnosticism, the Knights Templar, Rosicrucianism, Theosophical Society, New World Order, New Age and Lucid Trust.
Lord, please disconnect us from all these false cults and would You please connect all these links back to You.

Lord, on behalf of ourselves and our ancestors, we repent for the worship of Tammuz, posthumous son of Semiramis, who was claimed to be Nimrod resurrected. We repent for the false legend that he was the promised ‘seed of the woman’ who would deliver mankind. [1]
We repent for the association of the worship of Tammuz with the winter solstice (about Dec 22) when the days are the shortest and for the legend that the winter solstice is the sun dying and being reborn. [2]
We repent for the burning of the yule log on the winter solstice, replacing it with a trimmed tree the next morning to represent his resurrection. We repent for the continuing of this pagan tradition during Christmas celebrations [2]
We repent for the worship of Tammuz as the Sun God and as the Assyrian fertility deity
We repent for the worship of Tammuz as Horus in Egypt, Bacchus in Rome, Adonis in Greece, Baal-berith or Lord of the Covenant and as Vishnu in India. [1]

Lord, we repent for the worship of all heavenly bodies – the Sun, the Moon and the Planets and for the association of false gods with planets.
We repent for the development of astrology which focuses on a study of the zodiac which originated in Babylon. We repent for trying to find and manipulate our destiny by locating the section of the sky that we were born under. We repent for the association of astrology with demonism or Satanism in that Satan and his hosts are being worshipped in the guise of signs or planets. [27]
Forgive us for the worship of the Moon God of the Chaldees, the god of nomadic people. Forgive us for using the Crescent Moon as the symbol of the Moon God and for establishing the lunar calendar around this ungodly worship. [4]
Forgive us for worshipping the black meteorite stone as the Ka’aba, for calling the moon god the Lord of the Ka’aba and for its worship and the worship of 360 other idols. [4]
Forgive us for the worship of the Moon God as Sin in Syria and as Al-Ilah in Arabia. [4]
Forgive us for the establishment of Islam as a religion built around the worship of the Moon God Al-lah. Forgive us for the establishment of cities such as Jericho or Beth-Yerah (House of the Moon God) around this false worship of the Moon God. [4]
Forgive us for the establishment of centers of worship of the Moon God at Ur and Harran and building temples to this god throughout Babylonia and Assyria. [19]
Lord, please disconnect us from the principalities of the land of Babylon including all astral worship and worship of the moon.
Lord, would you deliver us from all curses of insanity (lunacy) that have come upon us as a result of the worship of the moon (Luna). Forgive us for all rituals and practices associated with the different cycles of the moon, including rituals done at new moon, full moon and all shape-shifting. [28]

We repent for all worship of the sun and sun deities as Helios or Titan and Apollo in Greece, Shamash or Tammuz in Mesopotamia at Sippar and Larsa, the Germanic Sol, the Vedantic Surya and Adityas, the Incan Inti and Aztec Huitzilopochtli, the Egyptian Ra, Amaterasu in Japan, the Slavic Dazhbog. [29]

We repent for the use of the symbol of the snake, serpent or dragon that is associated with Nimrod/Marduk. [25] We repent for all worship of snakes, use of snakes in rituals, worship of deities associated with snakes.
We repent for the use of the caduceus or Rod of Asclepius (Greek god of medicine and healing) or the winged staff with two snakes wrapped around it, the ancient astrological symbol of commerce associated with the Greek god Hermes as the symbol of medicine based upon the astrological principles of using the planets and stars to heal the sick. [21]
We repent for all worship of Asclepius, Chiron, Hermes and all association of these false deities with the practice of medicine. We repent for the use of magic and hermetic arts in the practice of medicine. [17]
We repent for the worship of other false deities associated with the snake such as Poseidon, Hydra and Triton, Gorgons and Medusa (Greek), Shiva, Naga (India), Auslavis in Lithuania, the Rainbow Serpent of the Aboriginal People of Australia, the Minoan Snake Goddess, Zombi in West Africa and Haiti, Degei in Fiji [30]
Lord, please disconnect us from all these snake deities. Lord, please disconnect us from Leviathan, the sea monster. Lord please disconnect us from the ancient serpent, the dragon.

We repent for the worship of An, the god of heaven (Pan-Mesopotamian) at the E’anna temple at Uruk.
We repent for the worship of Enlil, the god of the air and storms (Pan-Mesopotamian) associated with the planet Jupiter at the E’kur temple in Nippur.
We repent for the worship of Enki (Pan-Mesopotamian), the god of water and fertile earth associated with the planet Mercury, at the E’abzu temple.
We repent for the worship of Eridu or Ea, the god of magic, wisdom and intelligence.
We repent for the worship of Ki or Nirhursag, the mother-goddess representing the earth (Sumerian), at the E’saggila temple at Kish
We repent for the worship of Ashur (Assyrian), the sky god, the main god of Assyria at Assur.
We repent for the worship of Ninlil or Nillina, the goddess of the air, the south wind, and wife of Enlil (Sumerian) at the E’kur Temple in Nippur.
We repent for the worship of Nergal, god of death, associated with the planet Mars, son of Enlil and Ninlil.
We repent for the worship of Inanna (Ishtar), the goddess of love and war (Sumerian), associated with the planet Venus, at the E’anna temple at Uruk.
We repent for the worship of Marduk, son of Ea, the god of light, the main god of Babylon (Babylonian) at the E’saggila temple in Babylon.
We repent for the worship of Nanna or Suen (Sumerian) or Sin (Akkadian) god of the moon at the E’hursag temple of Ur and Harran
We repent for the worship of Utu (Sumerian), Tutu (Akkadian) or Shamash (Akkadian) God of the sun at the E’barbara temple of Sipparand in Babylonia.
We repent for the worship of Ninurta (Sumerian Lord Plough associated with the planet Saturn) at the E’Girsu temple at Lagash.

Heavenly Father, on behalf of my ancestors and myself, I repent for coveting the things of Babylon or the world system and being seduced by the things of the world into disobeying Your commandments and going against Your ways.
On behalf of myself and my ancestors who are part of the Babylonian system, I repent for the seductive spirit of Babylon and for seducing Your people away from You.

We repent for allowing our lands and our possessions to be occupied by the people of Babylon and for the intermingling of God’s people with the people of Babylon. While this judgment against us was just retribution for our idolatry, Father, please forgive us and restore unto us our lands and our identity and heritage as Your people.
On behalf of our Babylonian ancestors, we repent for occupation of the land of Israel and for compromising the identity and values of your people.

We repent for trying to find our legitimacy by displaying to the world the power, wealth, influence, gifts, talents and treasures that You gave us and for using them in the world when they were meant to be dedicated to You and used in Your service
We repent that we found our legitimacy in looking for admiration and favor from the world instead of deriving our legitimacy from our relationship with You. Lord we repent that when you tried us to know what was in our hearts, You found us wanting. We pray that You may align our hearts with Your heart.
On behalf of our ancestors we repent that we brought curses into our generational lines so that generational blessings and treasures were stolen from our families and our generational lines were cut off without male heirs. Lord, please restore to us these generational lines and treasures.
On behalf of the Babylon world system, we repent for coveting the treasures given to Your people and for stealing them.

On behalf of our ancestors from Babylon, we repent for the attack against Jerusalem, the City of God, its siege, the subsequent famine, the murder and the carrying away of Your people to Babylon, for the blinding and murder of the royal line among Your people, for the enslavement of Your people.
On behalf of the Babylon system, we repent for the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem, the destruction of the pillars of brass, the brazen sea and the stealing of the brass from which they were made. We repent for the stealing of the vessels of the house of the Lord and for placing them in the temples of Babylon.

Lord, we pray for our own deliverance from Babylon and the deliverance of many peoples from this system before Your weapons arise against Babylon to destroy it for the final time.
On behalf of ourselves and our ancestors from Babylon we humble ourselves before you, pray, seek your face and repent of our wicked ways, our evil, our iniquity, our pride, arrogance and haughtiness. We pray that You may not destroy our land but that You may heal it and restore it.
Lord deliver us from the curses of being hunted down, being sheep without a shepherd, being pierced, cut down and killed in war , our children dashed to death, our homes sacked, our wives raped, our young men shot down, our babies murdered, our children shown no compassion.
Please remove from our lands, houses and lives all ungodly wild beasts of the desert and islands, doleful, howling creatures, owls, ostriches, satyrs and dragons.
On behalf of ourselves and our ancestors, we repent for the predator spirit – for oppressing other people and riding rough-shod over those weaker than ourselves whom we were supposed to encourage, defend and lead. We repent for the victim spirit – for passivity or lack of courage that allow predators to oppress us and for not walking in our destiny to possess our birthright.
Lord, please break the staff of the wicked and the scepter of the unrighteous rulers, those who struck Your people with endless blows of rage and those who held nations in their angry grip with unrelenting tyranny.
Lord, would You bring rest into our lands and lives and upon the whole earth. May the earth break forth into singing and the trees rejoice.
We repent for all ungodly self-exaltation, pride and rebellion against You. Lord, please remove the wilderness and destruction from our lives and please open the house of the prisoners.
Lord, please remove from our lands, houses and lives the bittern, the porcupine or hedgehog, the pools or swamps of water and the broom of destruction. Lord, please remove the serpent’s root, the viper or adder and the fruit which is the fiery, flying serpent.
Lord, we repent for not taking care of the poor and needy as you have charged us to. We pray that you may help us to feed the poor and find a place for the needy to lie down. We pray that you may help us to build our foundations on Zion which you have founded.
We repent for the idolatry of Babylon and for the graven images of its heathen gods.. Forgive us for showing no mercy and for laying the yoke heavily upon the elderly. We repent for multitudes of sorceries, abundance of enchantments, for allowing wisdom and knowledge to pervert us, for seeking ungodly counsel from astrologers, stargazers, monthly prognosticators.
Lord, lead us out of Babylon and lead us by the way that we should go. Help us to heed your commandments so that our peace is as a river and our righteousness like waves of the sea.
5.6 Deliverance from Babylon – Sabbath Rest
On behalf of myself and my ancestors, Lord I repent for not entering into and staying in the Sabbath rest that you have ordained for us.  Not following your principles of the Sabbath rest have brought judgment upon us in the form of periods of captivity to the Babylonian world system according to the times that we have not entered into Your rest.
Lord, we repent for not entering into Your rest because of unbelief. We repent for hardening our hearts against Your voice. We repent for trusting our own works. Help us not to labor doing our own works but to labor to enter into Your rest. Help us to take advantage of the special, appointed times that You have sanctified for us to draw close to You.
Lord, we come to You for your rest. We take Your yoke upon us and would learn of You. You are meek and lowly in heart and we shall find rest unto our souls. Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light.

Lord, on behalf of ourselves and our ancestors, we repent for desecrating the land by burning incense in it to other gods - by exalting ideas and philosophies from the imaginations of man. [13] We repent for worshipping the works of our own hands - celebrating humanism by exalting ourselves and turning to ourselves as the solution to our problems.
Lord, we hear the cry of Your heart, the abandonment and rejection in Your voice as You cry out to us, “I remember you – the kindness of your youth, the love of your betrothal, when you went after Me in the wilderness.”
Lord, we repent for losing our first love for You for drifting from you, walking after falsehood and emptiness so that we have ourselves become barren and fruitless like the things we followed.. We repent for not acknowledging Your provision for us in hardship and danger. We repent for defiling the fruitful land that You gave us – for corrupting the inheritance and heritage that You gave us.
We repent for being priests who do not seek You any more. We repent for being religion experts who do not know you. We repent for being authority figures who defy You and Your ways. We repent for being false prophets who prophesied by the spirit of Baal and chased empty dreams and schemes.
We repent for trading our glory - You - for things which can never satisfy us.
Forgive us Lord for forsaking You – the fountain of living waters. Forgive us for hewing broken cisterns that can hold no water.
Lord, deliver us from slavery and from being plundered. Lord, please restore the fruitfulness of our land and please rebuild the ruined places in our cities. We brought this on ourselves when we forsook You.
Forgive us for seeking allies, partnerships and making covenants with powers that you did not mean for us to ally ourselves with. 
Deliver us from the shame, evil and bitterness that have come into our lives because we abandoned you and did not fear You. We repent for forsaking You Lord.

Lord, would You please forgive us and our ancestors for idolatry, pagan worship, the use of phallic symbols in public places, and sex-and-fertility rites performed on high places and in groves. We have become degenerate and defiled; paganism is mixed into our lives today. Forgive us for worshipping Baal, and for allowing that spirit to control our land.
Forgive us for spiritual harlotry – becoming available to any and every drive and force around us. This has happened because our heart drifted from You into degeneracy.  [13]
Lord, we have exalted man-made idols – our science and technology, our political and social systems, our media programming, looking to them for our origins, for our parenting. Please forgive us.
Forgive us Lord for not responding to Your parental discipline. Forgive us for getting rid of the prophets and voice that You sent us.
Lord, we are stained with the blood of the innocent and the poor. Please forgive us. Forgive us for questioning the judgment that has come upon us without acknowledging the sins that we and our ancestors have done.
Lord, please forgive us our spiritual harlotry which has polluted the land. Lord, would You now send the showers that have been withheld from the land? Would You send us the latter or spring rains? . Lord, we repent and turn to You with our whole heart.
Lord, we hear Your passionate cry to us to return to You because we are married to You. We acknowledge our iniquity – that we have transgressed against You and not obeyed Your voice, have participated in ritual religious prostitution in the groves of the pagan gods and have scattered our ways to strangers in spiritual whoredom.
Lord, would You give us shepherd-rulers according to Your heart who will feed us with knowledge and understanding. We repent for following the unrighteous desires and images in our hearts.
Lord, we repent for the perversion of our ways. We repent for forgetting You. Lord, we return to You as wayward children. Lord, would You heal our wayward, wandering hearts. We come to You – You are the Lord our God and You alone are our salvation.
Lord, shame and dishonor have been the fruit of the labor of our fathers - their possessions, sons and daughters were squandered on a delusion. Lord, would You remove this shame and waste from our generational line.
Lord, we put away our idols and our sin paraphernalia. We want to live in truth, justice and righteousness and we glory in You.
Lord, we plow up the hard ground of our hearts. We stop sowing good seed among thorns. We circumcise ourselves to You and we take away the foreskins of our heart. Lord, we wash our hearts from wickedness and stop harboring devious and malignant designs within us.
Lord, please would You remove the bitter taste of our punishment which pierces our hearts. Lord, our heart cries out aloud in anguish - we writhe in pain. The enemy comes in battle against us. Waves of destruction roll over us, our houses and our land until we lie in complete desolation. Our shelters are gone. Lord – how long will we have to see battle? Deliver us Lord!
We acknowledge that we do not know You, that we do not yet have understanding, that we are clever enough at doing wrong but have no idea how to do right! Now our fertile fields have become a wilderness and our land is ruined. We cry and groan – the anguish of a woman in labor, the cry of the daughter of Zion reaching out for help – from the murderers! Deliver us Lord – we cry to You.

Lord, forgive us and our ancestors for not being just and honest, for refusing to be corrected by you and refusing to be corrected, being hard-hearted and refusing to return to You. Forgive our leaders for not knowing Your ways and Your judgment, but throwing off Your yoke and breaking free of all restraint. Forgive us and our ancestors for taking part in prostitution and for committing adultery.
Forgive us for betraying you, for ignoring Your word to us and refusing to heed Your warnings. Now, the destroyer has consumed the food of our harvest, our sons and daughters and all our possessions. The insurance and defenses in which we trusted have not protected us!
Lord, forgive us for having eyes and not seeing, for having ears and not hearing You. Help us to hear you with our hearts.
Lord, we will walk in righteous fear of You - who have created order and boundaries for nature and for man. Forgive us for having a defiant and rebellious heart. Our iniquities have shut up the autumn and the spring rains. We have missed the appointed weeks of the harvest and our sins have withheld good things from us.
Forgive us for setting traps for unsuspecting victims, for stuffing our houses with ill-gotten gain from exploitation, for not looking after the orphans and the needy. Forgive us for being lying prophets and ruler-priests who rule by our own power with an iron hand. Forgive us for tolerating such.

Lord, forgive us and our ancestors - our cities are full of brutality, bursting with violence and are full of grieving and wounded people.
Forgive us for covetousness – for going after the dishonest dollar - prophets and priests and everyone in between – for twisting words and doctoring truth. Your people are broken and shattered - forgive us for being shepherds who put Band-Aids on them and do not heal the hurt of Your people. Forgive us for not being ashamed of our actions.
Forgive us for not stopping at the crossroads and seeing, for not asking for the ancient paths, for not seeking the good way and for refusing to walk in it – we could have found rest for our souls if we had done so.
When you set watchmen over us, we refused to listen to them when they sounded the alarm. Forgive us Lord.
Lord, we have reaped catastrophe and disaster in our lives - the fruit of our own schemes because we have ignored everything You said and treated Your teaching with contempt. And now, under attack, we are paralyzed with fear and terror – death is on the prowl. Lord, please forgive us.
Lord, we heed Your call to Your church to clean up our act – the way we live, the things we do, to start treating each other with justice - so that you can will dwell in our churches and places of worship. Forgive us for our religious games and rituals [13]
Forgive us for exploiting aliens, transients, the homeless, orphans and widows. Lord, there is blood on our hands from oppression and injustice in our systems. Forgive us for stealing, committing adultery, lying, burning incense to Baal and following other gods whom we do not discern to be evil. Lord, we have no license to go on with this sacrilege and defile Your places of worship.
Lord, forgive us for ignoring You when You spoke to us and for not answering when You called us.
Forgive us and our ancestors for offering sacrifices and burnt offerings to the Queen of Heaven and drink offerings to other idols just to hurt You God. We are deeply sorry, Lord, indeed we have hurt ourselves – exposing ourselves to shame and ridicule. And now Your anger has come upon everything in our country – people, animals, trees and crops. Please heal us and redeem us.
Forgive us for not obeying You,for following the stubborn desires of our evil hearts, going backward instead of forward and for not listening to Your servants the prophets.
Lord, forgive us for setting up obscene god-images in the very temple that was built to honor You, defiling it. Forgive us for building pagan shrines and altars in high places, for burning our sons and daughters and babies alive in the fire – a perversion of all that You are. This has reaped death in our lives – abandoned corpses fed on by birds and animals. Lord, would You forgive us and restore the voices of laughter, joy and merriment and gladness that were stilled by these curses – the voices of the bridegroom and the bride.
Lord, we repent for loving, serving, following, seeking and worshipping the sun, the moon, the stars and all the host of heaven. Lord this is what has brought on us the curse of wishing that we were dead rather than alive. Lord, please forgive us and deliver us.
Lord, forgive us for staying on our self-destructive path and not turning back when we discover we are on the wrong road. We repent for perpetual back-sliding, stubbornly holding on to our illusions, refusing to change direction. You listen carefully to us and do not hear one of us speaking truth or expressing regret. Everyone is following his own course banging his head against a brick wall. Lord, please forgive us.
Lord, forgive us for not knowing the appointed times or the rule and the judgment of the Lord. Forgive us for thinking that we know the score – that we are the proud owners of Your revelation. This has gotten us stuck in illusion. Forgive us for being religious experts who have taken Your people for a ride. Forgive us for being know-it-alls whom You will unmask if we do not repent.
Lord, thus we have reaped curses of homelessness and loss of our spouses. Lord would you please forgive and restore our families and our spouses, our homes and our possessions to us. Please restore fruitfulness to our work and our lives. Lord would You please remove the cup of poison from our lives. Lord, would You please remove serpents, cockatrices, vipers and adders from among us.
Lord, our grief seems beyond healing. Our hearts are broken as we weep and cry to You, “Have You abandoned us Lord? Are You no longer in our midst?” We have provoked Your anger with our worthless idols and gods. Lord, You hurt when we hurt. We find no medicine or physician or healing for our wounds. Forgive us Lord, and restore our health!
Forgive us for refusing to stand up for the truth, for advancing from one evil to the next, ignorant of You. Forgive us for deceiving and defrauding our neighbors and spreading malicious gossip about them behind their backs. Our tongues are poison arrows and deadly lies stream from our mouth.
Lord, please restore us, our cities, our pastures and grazing grounds, our livestock and wildlife. Please remove the dragons and desolation from our midst. We repent that we abandoned Your instructions, refused to obey You but stubbornly lived any way we wanted to and took up with Baal gods whom we thought would give us what we wanted – following the ancestral iniquity by doing so.
Lord, would You please remove the consequences - the wormwood and the gall – the bitterness and poison from us. Would you gather us again from all the places where we have been scattered and remove the sword that is chasing us in an everlasting curse. Lord would You remove the spirit of death that has crept in through our windows, entered our mansions, killed off the flower of our youth and our children?
Lord, we repent for bragging about our cleverness, our exploits and our riches. We glory in this – that we understand and know You – that You are the Lord who exercises loving-kindness, judgment and righteousness in the earth.
Lord, we repent for trying to read our future in the stars. We repent for following futile customs of cutting down trees and decorating them with silver and gold. Lord we have be come stupid and foolish by worshipping stupid and foolish things. Please forgive us.
Lord, our wounds are severe and our grief is great. Our sickness is incurable. We are homeless and have lost our children. Forgive us and help us. Forgive us for being shepherds who have lost sensitivity and did not ask You for counsel. Therefore we are not prospering and our flock is scattered. Lord, please would You restore us.
Lord, we acknowledge that we cannot run our own lives – we don’t have what it takes to plan our own course. Correct us with mercy and judgment.

Lord, we repent for forgetting Your covenants with us and breaking the terms of our covenants with You.  The terms said that our obedience would fulfill the terms of the covenant – that You would be our God even as we would be Your people and that You would give us this fertile and lush land.Forgive us for going back to the iniquities of our fathers who paid no attention to You but did whatever they wanted to, whenever they wanted to do it.
Forgive us for setting up altars everywhere to burn incense to the sex god Baal which has degraded us. Lord, You rebuke us for doing this and then coming to worship You in Your house, making promises and devising pious programs. Forgive us Lord.
Lord, we acknowledge that you judge righteously and test the mind and the heart, examining and cross-examining our actions and motives. We plead our case before You.
Lord we repent that Your name is on our lips but our minds and hearts are far from You. We acknowledge that You see us and try our hearts toward You.
Lord, the land mourns, the grass and herbs have withered; the wildlife and birds are dying off because of the evil in the land. We repent and turn toward You and ask You to heal our land and restore our plants and animals.
Lord, we hear the cry of Your heart as You suffer anguish over having to abandon Your people, surrender us - the dearest ones of Your heart to our enemies, over having to treat us harshly because of our rebellion against You – we, Your promised heritage, turning against You.
We repent for being shepherd-rulers who have destroyed Your vineyard, trampled Your vines turning its beauty into a barren wilderness and an empty wasteland. We hear the ache of Your heart as You hear the mournful cry of the desolate land and barren hilltops that no one cares about. We repent for not being good stewards of Your land. Please deliver us from the destroying armies and from Your sword.
Lord, we have planted wheat and are harvesting thorns. We have worn ourselves out. We are harvesting a crop of shame because of Your fierce anger. Lord please forgive us and restore us
Forgive all those of us nations who reached out for the possession that you have given to Your people Israel.
Help us nations to diligently learn the ways of Your people and to pray to You to undo the time when we taught Your people to pray to Baal. Lord, build us in the midst of Your people Israel.
Lord we repent that we have refused to listen to You and stubbornly do only what we want to do and chase after all kinds of gods to serve them and worship them. This is why we are falling apart. Lord, please restore us. Help us to cling to You so that we can be Your people, Your pride and Your glory - an honor to Your name.
Lord, we have become senseless in the anguish and throes of the judgment that has come upon us. We humble ourselves and give You glory. Please turn the dense darkness and the shadow of death back into light in our lives. We repent for our pride.
Lord, please remove the pangs of anguish from us. Forgive us for forgetting You and trusting in falsehood. Forgive our adulteries, our lust, the lewdness of our harlotry on the hills and in the fields. Would You make us clean?

Lord, we find no water - our vessels are empty and we are ashamed and don’t know what to do. The ground is parched and there is no rain or grass in the land. Our farmers are troubled and our animals suffer. Lord, our wickedness has caught up with us. We repeatedly sin against You. Lord, please help us for the sake of your own reputation. You are our hope in times of trouble. Save us Lord.
Lord, forgive us for wandering this way and that, never giving a thought to where we were going. Lord, please deliver us from war, famine and disease. Lord, we know that you weep for us – night and day, your tears overflowing because we are battered and bruised, hopelessly and cruelly wounded. Our fields are killing fields, strewn with corpses, our cities overflow with starving bodies. Forgive us for being preachers and priests who go about our business as if nothing has happened.
Lord, we confess our wickedness and that of our ancestors too. Lord, please do not abandon us. Please remember us and Your covenant with us. We pray for rain and wait for Your help.
Lord, our judgment has been assigned to us in four ways – death, war, famine and slavery. Four forms of destruction have been appointed for us – death in war, our corpses dragged by dogs, our bodies devoured by birds and by animals. Lord, deliver us from these judgments and destructions which came upon us because we forsook You.
Lord, You have let the winds scatter us like leaves - our children are dead or lost. You have made sure that we have lost everything since nothing makes us change.  You have created more widows among us than grains of sand on the ocean beaches. At noon, our mothers get the news of their sons killed in action – sudden anguish for the mothers at all the terrible deaths.  They have been disgraced and humiliated.
Lord, we are being cursed by men whom we have not harmed. Our wealth and our treasures have been plundered because of our sins. Remember us and visit us and take vengeance on our persecutors on our behalf.
Your words are to us our joy and our heart’s delight for we are called by Your name. Lord deliver us from our perpetual pain and incurable wounds which do not heal. We return to you – restore us. You have taken Your protection and peace away from us – Your loyal love and Your compassion.
Lord would you restore to our land and our house smiles, laughter, celebration, the voice of the bridegroom and the bride?
Lord, forgive our fathers who left You, walked off and never looked back, for following other gods, worshipping them and for not keeping Your law. Forgive us for doing worse than our fathers and for stubbornly doing whatever we want to, whenever you want to and refusing to pay attention to You.
Deliver us from the fishermen and hunters who hunt us down. Lord, You watch us closely and our iniquities are not hidden from You. You are our strength and stronghold, our safe retreat when trouble comes.
Our fathers lived on lies, useless illusions and left us a foolish heritage.
Lord, our sin is inscribed with an iron chisel with the point of a diamond –engraved on our granite hearts and upon the horns of our altars. Lord, even the children in our generational line worship at the pagan altars, the idolatrous Asherah sex-and-religion groves by the green trees upon the high hills.
Therefore the treasures of the mountains in the field – the high places have become plunder. We have lost our heritage and served our enemies in strange lands and have you’re your anger blaze with an everlasting fire. Lord, forgive us and restore us.
Lord, we repent for trusting in man, and for relying on human strength and ingenuity, for humanism, for turning our hearts away from You. Lord, by doing so, we have become like the heath in the desert with no hope for the future but living in the barren wilderness, in an uninhabited salt land.
Lord, we will trust in you and put our hope in You. By doing this, we shall be as trees planted by the waters, spreading our roots by the river, not bothered by the heat or long months of drought but bearing fruit every season.
Lord, we know that the heart is naturally hopelessly wicked and deceitful – a puzzle that no one can figure out. But You Lord, search the heart, examine the mind and motives, giving us rewards according to our actions.
We repent for ill-gotten riches which soon leave us.
It is because we have forsaken You, the fountain of living waters that we now dwell in shame. Lord, heal us and we shall truly be healed. Save us and we shall truly be saved, for our praises are for You alone.
Lord, we repent for forgetting You, for burning incense to worthless ideas and gods, stumbled off the ancient highways and walk in muddy path instead. Our land has become desolate – a monument to our stupidity.
We repent for filling the land with the blood of the innocent, for building the high places of Baal, Moloch and Ashtaroth, for sacrificing our children as burnt offerings to these unholy gods as was done in the valley of Hinnom.
Please take away the curses from us of the desolation of our cities, of the curse of being an object of derision, scorn and ridicule. Please take away from us their plagues, siege by our enemies, distress, famine, death. Father, we are broken as a potter’s vessel which has no hope of being repaired. Please remove our defilement and the defilement of our land..Please let the atoning Blood of Jesus make us whole again.
We repent that we have hardened our necks as stubborn and unbroken oxen and refused to take your yoke upon us and refused to hear Your words. Thus did the yoke of Babylon come upon us. Please remove from us the yoke of Babylon and place Your yoke upon us - for Your yoke is easy and Your burden is light.
Lord we repent for persecution of all the prophets that have warned us about our sins and our punishment by Babylon.. Please deliver us from the resulting curse of being a danger to ourselves and to everyone around us thereby causing the death of our friends.
Lord, please restore our cities, our produce, our precious things and our treasures which have been plundered and taken by Babylon or the world.
Lord, we pray for the restoration and rebuilding of the house of God and the restoration of the vessels of the house of God. We pray that the gold and silver of Babylon and the freewill offering of Your people may be offered willingly for the rebuilding of the house of God.
Please forgive us for false prophecies. Deliver us from the curses of death and captivity.
Lord, we repent for our sins and pray that we may never put ourselves in a position where You are fighting against us.. Deliver us from the curses of pestilence, the sword and famine. Deliver us from the hand of our enemy who seeks our life and kills us without pity or mercy.
Help us to seek You for deliverance from judgment and curses and not to try to deliver ourselves. Let the defilement of ourselves and our land be burned with Your Holy Fire.
Lord, forgive us for not executing judgment and righteousness, not delivering the oppressed, doing wrong, doing violence against strangers, the fatherless and the widows and shedding innocent blood.
Lord, we ask that You will come and rule us from the throne of David.
Lord we ask that You would remove the curses of desolation and waste that have come upon us, our families and our city. We ask that You would take away our barrenness.
Lord forgive us for forsaking our covenant with You, for worshipping other gods and serving them. Forgive us for building our houses by unrighteousness, our chambers by wrong, for using our neighbor’s service without wages and for not giving him recompense for his work.
Forgive us for making our own plans to build our houses and ignoring your plans for our lives.
Help us to judge the cause of the poor and needy so that by doing this, we may truly know You and it may be well with us
Lord, forgive us for not judging the cause of the poor and needy for using our eyes and our hearts for covetousness, for shedding innocent blood, for oppression and violence.
Forgive us for refusing to hear your voice when you speak to us in our prosperity. Forgive us for not obeying your voice.
Deliver us from the hand of those that seek our lives and from the hand of those whose face we fear.

Forgive us and all the members of our generational line who have not been your faithful pastors but have destroyed and scattered the sheep of Your pasture and have driven them away and have not visited them.
We pray that you will bring us, Your sheep back to our folds and make us fruitful and increase, to be without fear, dismay and lack. Please set up your shepherds over us. Let your judgment and justice be executed in the earth.
Please help us to be shepherds who will feed Your sheep and cause them not to fear, be dismayed or be lacking.
Lord, we pray for righteous government to be set over us, who will reign in prosperity over us and execute judgment and justice in the earth.
Lord, we listen to Your holy words. We repent for listening to the false words of the false prophets. We repent for committing adultery, for being faithless to You, for being idolater-adulterers who have brought curses on our land so that it has become a barren wasteland.
On behalf of ourselves and all members in our generational line, we repent for being ungodly prophets and priests who have brought curses on the land by our false oaths, who have caused the pleasant places of the land to dry up. We repent for desecrating Your house by our evil course and by our ungodly power. We repent for treading slippery paths in darkness.
We repent for the being prophets who have prophesied by Baal, caused Your people to go astray, committed adultery, walked in lies, strengthened the hands of the evildoers and for never previously repenting for our wickedness, for teaching people empty and futile teachings and filling them with vain hopes, speaking visions of our own minds and not from the mouth of the Lord. We repent for prophesying peace to those who despise You and Your word and who do not obey You but walk stubbornly according to the imagination of their own heart.
Forgive us for not standing in the counsel of the Lord, for not perceiving and hearing Your Word, for not marking Your Word and obeying it. Forgive us for going forth as prophets when you have not sent us and for prophesying when You have not spoken to us.
As prophets, we should have stood in Your counsel, caused Your people to hear Your words and turned Your people from their evil ways and the evil of their doings. Forgive us for not doing so. Forgive us for prophesying lies out of the deceit of our own heart. Forgive us for causing Your people to forget Your name by telling people of dreams that were not from You, for imitating the phrases of the true prophets, for prophesying false dreams and causing Your people to err by our lies and by our recklessness when You did not send us
Forgive us for being a burden to Your people and for not helping them at all and for perverting the words of the living God, of the Lord of hosts, our God
For those of us and our generational line that were so deceived, Lord, forgive us for listening to the words of the false prophets and for being led astray by them.
Lord, please remove the curses of everlasting reproach and perpetual shame that these iniquities have brought upon us.

Lord, please set Your eyes upon us for good, bring us into our land and into our inheritance, build us up and plant us. Give us a heart to know You – that You are the Lord and that we are Your people. We return unto You with our whole hearts.
Please remove from us the curses of the sword, the famine and the pestilence.
Forgive us for not listening to or obeying the Words of Your servants the true prophets, for not turning from our evil ways, from the evil or our doings and dwelling in the land and inheritance that You have given to us.. Forgive us for going after other gods to serve them and worship them and provoking You to anger with the words of our hands to our own hurt.
Please remove the destruction, the desolation, the scorn and shame that have come upon us. Please restore to us the voice of mirth, the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the bride, the sound of the millstones and the light of the candle. Please remove the barrenness of our land. Please take away the sword and the wine cup of Your fury. Please deliver us from our oppression.

Lord, we repent for the transfer of the system of Babylonian paganism with the High Priest’s title of Pontifex Maximus from Babylon to the head of the church at Rome, [12] We repent for the mixing of paganism with the church. [3]

Please remove the destruction, the desolation, the scorn and shame that have come upon us. Please restore to us the voice of mirth, the voice of gladness, the voice of the Baal-hamon, one of Baal’s names, means “the lord of wealth or abundance.” Chuck Pierce believes, and I agree, that this is the principality warring against the great transfer of wealth to the church. You must war against this spirit to see your inheritance released. Claim Jeremiah 51:44 (Bel in this verse is Baal).

-Sarah Victor,


Baal-berith, another of his names, means “the lord of the covenant.” The Hebrew word baal actually means “husband” or “marriage.” This spirit always attempted to cause Israel to “divorce” or break covenant with God and “marry” or align with him. Consistent with this, in so many ways America has broken covenant with God and married Baal. This is, I believe, the strongman behind most covenant-breaking.
Baal is the strongman behind sexual perversion. Homosexuality was and is one of his big strongholds. I believe all of the sexual sin and perversion in America is, to one degree or another, under Baal’s orchestration. You will continue to see God expose leaders in the church who aligned themselves with this spirit. Pray for the church to be cleansed and for Baal’s hold on America in this area to be broken.
Baal always goes after the next generation, trying to cut off the extension of God’s covenantal purposes. He is a violent spirit and even required human sacrifice. Abortion is under Baal, as is the “cutting” of today’s young generation (see 1 Kings 18:28), the vampire and goth movement, and the death culture in general that has so invaded America. Baal is leading the fight to avert the great awakening planned for the young generation of Americans today. Pray against and bind these efforts.
Witchcraft and occult spirits in general operate under Baal. So does Jezebel.
In part one of his series, Prophet Dutch Sheets teaches about breaking the power of the Jezebel Baal connection in 2007.  The name Baal itself means master or lord, rule, possess or marry.   This name was also a name for marriage, husband in marriage or Beulah.  When we enter into a wrong relationship, the spirit of Baal desires to align people in a covenant relationship that will give it access to them, give it permission to take over ownership of them and their possessions.  
Baal was the primary spirit associated with Babylon or Iraq.   We are feeling the back lash in America because we are on the turf of Babylon in Iraq.  We cannot defeat this spirit in Iraq with flesh and blood.  We have a stale mate now because we are being slapped around by the spirit of Babylon in Iraq.   There is the cataclysmic war in the heavens now because this spirit trying intensely to hold it's ground not only in Iraq but also in America. 
Baal was also the God of fertility, war, provision, wealth, the sun, rain, crops and vegetation in general.  Remember God told Elijah to decree a 3 1/2 year drought to indicate that their god, Baal, was inactivated.  Only repentance would break the famine that was in the land because of Baal worship.  
Baal was also working together with Asherah, mother of Baal ? and god of passion and the sea.  They are probably responsible for much of the poverty, perversion, cutting, mutilation and violence that is increasing now.   Jeremiah 51:44 says "I will punish Baal and Babylon and make what he has swallowed come out of his mouth."  Before we can partner together in prayer to make him give up what he has eaten up or devoured, this god of wealth that we have worshipped, we must repent of the perversion, greed and pride that we have allowed this spirit to manifest.  We have been married to Baal and Jezebel, rebelling against God.  We have not seen the great transfer of wealth because we have given this spirit access to hold wealth back    
According to Dutch Sheets, The Word of the Lord for 2007 is that we have come to a point where we can choose to break the back of Jezebel and Baal over our country and make them give up what they have consumed.  Jeremiah 19:5 said they had offered their children as a sacrifice to Baal and Moloch and we have given this spirit access to our seed, to abort our babies, to sacrifice our children for materialism.  To breakdown Jezebel and Baal will enable us to take our kids back - not just our wealth. 
We need to set up corporate prayer meetings to pray in unity against Baal (cutting, mutilation, eating disorders, perversion, male prostitution and other harlotries.)  When this spirit is weakened, you will see these manifestations weaken as well.  Our poverty and health problems will finally motivate us to come against Baal and Jezebel.  We will begin to walk in the miracle anointing to believe God for supernatural provision, healing, creative miracles and restoration. 
As we come together in the power of agreement to deal with this Jezebel and Baal spirit, God will begin to move in the opposite spirit, will redeem the time and cause us to catch up.  While Baal claimed to be the god of fertility, it is actually the spirit behind lack, robbing, stealing and destruction.  As the east coast and west coast prophetic intercessors unite to come against Baal and Jezebel, we can overcome their strongholds. 
These spirits have warred against the Word of the Lord and have also raised up false prophets.  They war against the purposes of God by warring against the Words given by true prophets.  Prophets have discerned demonic spirits but most of the body of Christ has been so resistant to the prophets that they have lost their own discernment and have been blinded.  They have literally chosen to shut down the power of the prophetic anointing to protect them.
As we listen to the prophets and the Word of the Lord for 2007, we will be able to decree the Word of the Lord and win.  The release of wealth will be transferred to Kingdom people.  As we win Muslims to Christ, they will give their wealth to the Kingdom of God instead of the stronghold of Baal.  Actually, most of the transfer of wealth back into the hands of the righteous, may come from the middle east.   Our visions will become visible, our creativity will increase, provision to accomplish the purposes of God will be enabled by millions of dollars coming back into the Kingdom of God.
The war in the middle east is a prophetic sign of what God is doing in the Spirit as we war with Babylon.   God overthrows the spirit of Baal (Jeremiah 51:44) and make it regurgitate what it has stolen from us.  We will see our children come back to Christ.  Exodus 7:12  Aaron's rods swallowed up their rods and God's authority will swallow up Baal and devour him.  2 Sam. 5  God said He is the master of breakthrough - "Baal Perizim" - I am God over Baal. 
Gideon won a battle with only 300 men after he tore down the altar of Baal and the Asherah pole that was built in Gideon's backyard by Gideon's father.  He had been raised up by a Baal worshipper.  Gideon's house had been under the rule of Baal Judges 6:25-26 and God required him to build an altar to Jehovah God.  Then God said to use the wood that had belonged to Baal and Asherah was to be used to burn a sacrifice to God.  That which was used to cause your destruction will now be used for your deliverance.  God said to take a 7 year old bull (7 the number of covenant) and divorce Baal and marry Me.  Instead of our kids being the sacrifice, as we covenant with God, Baal becomes the sacrifice. 

-Sarah Victor