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Cry for India, 6/29/16


Abba, Father, we cry out to you for India today!! We thank you for these beautiful people whom you have created in your image! We thank you that you have a created them with a destiny! We ask that you come to India and pour out your spirit and save at least 800 million Indians and sweep them into your family! We confess and repent the sins of the Indian people and their forefathers. We confess the sins of the worship of false gods, fallen angels, demons and idols. We confess the witchcraft and sorcery and abominations. Lord, forgive us!! Great God, let these sins be washed way in the blood of Jesus and let healing and restoration come to the Indian people and land!! Set them free, Mighty God! Break the chains of the curses that came for the sins of the forefathers and replace them with your light and easy yoke of spiritual freedom!! Minister your love and joy and peace to these precious souls of India who have been bound under the yoke of the evil one! Come, God!! Come rescue India from darkness and bring her into the Kingdom of our dear Son! Come Lord, come claim that which is your own, these 800 million souls that Jesus died for and who are called by your name to receive eternal life! Let the consuming fire of God fall on India, purging the sin and iniquity and making her holy unto you! Make her a sheep nation with the Lion of Judah in her heart to roar and terrify the enemy in the last days!! Come Lord! Hallelujah!! We praise you, Lord, thank you!!

Steve Pursell, 6/29/16