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Cleanse October 31st, 10/31/14

Lord, we thank you that you created Oct. 31st and you made it GOOD!! From before the foundations of the earth you ordained that this day would exist in time and you had a plan for this day to bring you glory and be a holy day full of blessing throughout all creation.  We give you praise and glory for this day!! We curse the work of Satan trying to defile this day and call it his own!  We confess and renounce and remit the sins of so many worshipers of the forces of darkness in history who have sought to bring this day under the dominion of the evil one.  We confess an remit the sin of our nation in its worship of darkness on this day and we ask for the blood of Jesus to wash the sin and demonic defilement away. We claim this day for you and ask you for a Kingdom invasion of this day in the mind of our nation. In Jesus name we pray!!  Hallelujah!!  Amen!!

-Stephen Pursell, 10/31/14