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Tainted Gold

There is a place in this land
A special place to me
A place that will bring glory to God
That will be called Beulah...Hephzibah
A place where glory clouds will hover
With fire in them by night
It is true, for surely He is true
He showed me its future
And he will bring it to pass
But today...
Today blood cries out from the land
A place where its first men died
Needlessly slaughtered
A place where to this day
Practitioners of dark arts
Sacrifice babies to Satan
Enthroning hell's host on the land
A place where children are not safe
In this place
Those in power rape children
And sell men and women into slavery
Oh, Father, have mercy
My soul cries out for this special place
But above that
Beyond the promise of prosperity
As my years go by
In my spirit a cry spills forth
Oh, Father, the children, your children!
May no more infants' blood be drunk!
And their flesh literally eaten
But that children would be safe!
In the place of finest gold
Father, avenge the children, I pray

Stephen Pursell, 5/09,
the dark side of Oroville