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Jawbone Don

Bless my pastor, Yahweh
Hold him and unfold him
Show him all Your Father's love
Raise him and validate him
Fill him with your spirit power
For he is bone of your bone
He is your son
A brother to the Savior
A king to rule and reign
Raised up and seated in the heavens
Remind him that he will see the book of Acts
Re-opened and surpassed in the last days
Destined for glory in eternal mansions
Father, bless, restore and encourage him
Reward him for his faithfulness
Help him shake the lies that bind
Lies that say he isn't worthy
That he's too tired and may not see the land
Raise him Lord, a Joshua
A Caleb, sword in hand
To take the Promised  Land
Part the Jordan as he enters
Let the walls of Jericho fall
When he gives a mighty shout of praise
Heal him Lord, bind him up in you
Let him dance like David with the ark
Gather strong young soldiers around him
Aarons and Hurs to hold up his arms
Put the sword of Gideon in his hand
Dancing the jawbone dance of Samson
Beauty in war, glory in overcoming
The dance of a son for whom all creation groans
A son of the Most High King!

-Stephen Pursell, 10/25/03, for Don North