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Gift Sister

Father, I thank you
Thank you for giving me a sister
An amazing woman, friend true
Bless the one who danced in Tonga
The one who rode Black Satin
Keep the one who plays the harp
Thank you for calling her to know you
Thank you for blessing her with a son
Ten hours she drove to fetch me, twice
We gave thanks in Steamboat
Bless her Lord, strengthen her, heal her
Bless the one Don North praised
He called her "the model teenager"
In the little church in Southside
Heal her of any wounds I have caused her
Thank you for bringing her home
Where your glory cloud and fire will come
Bless her dancing, bless her singing
Anoint her playing of the harp
Thank you for revealing yourself through her
Thank you for standing with us:
She, Mom, and I on the phone in Tucson
Father, I pray, bring kingdom presence
On the land where she walks
Bless my sister, Lord, hold my sister, Lord
Pour over her the oil of joy
From the crown of her head, to the soles of her feet
Blessed in coming in, blessed in going out
Blessed in the city, blessed in the country
Blessed in the fruit of the womb
Anointed to dance like David
Oh bless her, Lord, fill her cup and hold her
Drench her in your perfect, holy love
Show her how precious she is

- Stephen Pursell, for Lauren Pursell, 6/04