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Dig The Wells

Puppies and kittens, sitting at Curriers
4-H and ponies, Lynda calls Dad "Frogs"
I remember, my brother, my sister
Kris Kent and cooking over a coffee can stove
Black Satin and "a different kind of horsepower"
Sandy, Danny, and Joe Joe
Kick the can with the Lopezes
Stephen on the broken chain run to the Georges!
Stephen rides the 60 through the fence!
I remember, I remember
Sunday nights and Thrifty's for sundaes
After church at Trinity Bible
Football on Bill Fox's TV
Chicken and corn, chicken and corn, chicken and corn
Terry Minick thinks he needs fat to play football
Jim says Dad kicked tail without it
Let's go to Loafer creek with the Cannoys
Vicky Helton, Marty, Jim and Brian
Jim, let's time bike runs, shake the watch
Let's move to the Springs and be "joyous"
I feel(pencil) led, you roundie
Dig the wells, brother
Dig the wells, sister
You are still Children of Promise
Dig the wells of revival, dig the wells of praise
It only takes a spark to get a fire going
Dig out the guitar, dust off the piano
Let Keith Green and the Omartians be sung
Dig the wells, dig the wells
Jericho walls fall with a shout of praise
The Korahites and Kohathites of 2Chronicles 20
The enemy kill each other when they sing
Paul and Silas sing the hymns, the chains fall off
Strike up the band
Dig the wells of praise
The Lion of Judah sings!

-Stephen Pursell, 1/28/04