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Comrades In Arms

Gentle friend, kind and loving
Tender and gracious
Always hoping the best
Patient in affliction
Loving though lashed at
I see you, friend, I know you
I am like you
Loving, hoping to be seen
Hoping for the day they will see your heart
Daring to trust when it looks far gone
I love you, friend
I treasure you, long to hold you close
Come lay your head on me
"He ain't heavy, he's my brother"
Come close friend, let me bless you
Let me tell you who we are
Brothers to the Risen King
Walk on the water with me
Together let's calm the storm
Let's go fishing for men
More men!
Abraham's 318 men
Gideon's 300 men
David's 37 Mighty Men!
The 7,000 unbowed to Baal
Nehemiah's men
The Twelve
Always a few men
Like you, like me
I love you, Don, I am not deceived
I do not believe the lies I spoke
I know you and I are kin
Soldiers to the fight
Worshiping Warriors, God chasers
Eagerly awaiting the Kingdom in our land
I thank you, I bless you, I honor you
I stand with you

-Stephen Pursell, 10/25/03, for Don North