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Bride To Be

Pour your spirit over Oroville, Lord
That she would burst forth in song
For beauty, for life, for glory
For tenderness, for passion
Like the bride that she is
The land you will marry
Beautiful, desirable
Call forth her soul
The truth of who you made her 
Who you determined she would become
Not some perverted human version
But your golden city
Like a rushing wind:
Come Lord!
Waylay the darkness that has entangled her
Burst forth in the fierceness of your glory 
Defensive of your betrothed
Violent to her assailants
Victorious in her defense
A jealous lover
Rejecting another's defiling attachment
Eager to claim your own
Speak more life
The truth of who she is
The truth of who we are
The truth of you within us
The truth of you
The hope of glory

Stephen Pursell, 3/18/03,
for Oroville