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Bride Of God

City of Ore
Ophir in your heart
How I have yearned  for this day
To call forth your soul to dance into the light
Your fragrant petals open to life
Come with me into my chamber
Let me breathe over you
Recline beneath my tender kisses
I am your only husband
I have bought you back
No more to be sold for your shame
Never to be invaded again
It was never my plan for you
Those I entrusted with your youth raped you
They sold you to the devourer
You have been captive
Chained by no fault of your own
But I have searched you out
I have run through your streets
I have cried your name from the rooftops
I have longed to make you my bride
Unashamed that I have brought you home
I have spread a banquet for you 
Come feast of me
For my love is like wine
Let me intoxicate you
Ever have I known you
My Mary of Magdala
Harlot with a heart of gold
But now I call you Sought After
City No Longer Deserted
I have taken you
I have made you my own

Stephen Pursell, 7/08/02,
The Bridegroom's heart  for Oroville