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Be Reborn

Precious child, broken and torn
Belittled and derided
How long I have grieved for you
Alone in your wanting
So maligned and scorned
But ever have I seen you
Never did I see you but beautiful
Ever only precious in my heart
No matter what they have said to you
I have breathed truth on you
Even when I've wept that you did not want me
Still I have reached for you
Never relenting, I have not forgotten
This is why I birthed you
I alone nestled you next to the hills
Open to the west
That my sunlight would dance
Across the Valley of Light
And kiss you
And call to life the dazzle
Of the gold I gave you
Your earthly fathers have striven with me
And sold your future
I have heard
But I have redeemed your soul
Now I set before you
That for which you were created
That you would embrace it
The destiny of your creation
Cast off the chains that held you fast
Come dance with me in Beauty
A City No Longer Deserted

-Stephen Pursell, 2002,
the heart of the Father for Oroville