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Voting for Abortion Is Accessory to Murder, 4/3/19

All Abortion Is Murder. It follows from this that voting for abortion is the crime accessory to murder. How so? A vote in favor of abortion is an attempt to enact a legal mechanism that will result in the murder of babies. This is a very real contribution to murder, a help in committing the murder. If you were to assent to and help someone beat someone else to death with a baseball bat you would be justly charged with accessory to murder. The fact that abortion has been called 'legal' by our corrupt nation for 46 years does not change the eternal moral fact that God calls it murder. So how would God see those who intentionally but indirectly help accomplish the murder of those innocent babies,  those who agreed with the agenda in our political system that those babies deserved to be murdered? God sees these accomplices to the murder of his babies as having committed accessory to murder. It is a moral crime that the corrupt laws of man absolutely cannot change.

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Steve Pursell, 4/3/19