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New Constitution Naysayers, 2/17/19

As I am carrying the message from God that there will be a new constitution, I am of course, as any truly prophetic voice will, experiencing a lot of naysayers to the message. To those who say we do not want a new constitution I say:

You don't, but God does. Ask him. Do you have the integrity and courage to ask him humbly? Not so far, obviously, since if you had you would not resist a message from him. Or will you stand on pride and say you already know? God is not stuck in the past worshiping the old wineskin like you are. He is making a new wineskin. He is taking those who are humble enough to receive it into the future. Your idolatry of the old constitution will rob you of much if you keep it. Why don't you let God take it from you so he can give you something better? It is up to you. You can miss out if you want to. It is just a stupid self- defeating choice if that is what you choose. But regardless of what you chose, there will be a new constitution. There are some good things in the old one that we should keep, like the Second Amendment and the Fourth Amendment. But We Must Improve the Constitution. The old one does not line up with the Word of God adequately. The First Amendment needs to be re-written to line up with Psalm 81:9  instead of protecting the Satanic and Luciferian cults that are destroying the nation. God will do it. The question is whether you will be found to be on his team going into the land of the new and better America or will you be a carcass rotting in the Kadesh Barnea, dead because you would not let go of your great idol: the old constitution. It is up to you.

Steve Pursell, 2/171/9