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More On Improving the Constitution, 3/22/19

Someone I greatly respect in the Lord said that he does not see that we would be able to re-write the Constitution until after the demonic forces are cleansed out of the land in America. I respect him so much but I disagree somewhat. Let me explain my point of view by sharing what my response to him was:

I said: 

"Sir, we disagree somewhat. Let me explain my point of view.  The First Amendment says, that "Government shall make no law in regards to religion."  How do you believe we will be able to rid the land of the demonic cults when they protected by the Constitution as it was originally written?  Do you not understand that the occultists that were involved in the writing of the Constitution designed this phrase in the First Amendment to protect their practice of occult religion? How can we remove the occultists if they are legitimately able to wave our present day Constitution in our face and say, "This is my religion! We have  freedom of religion in America! I have a right to practice my religion!! It is in The Bill of Rights!!" You say you don't see us re-writing the Constitution until after we cleanse the land of the demonic forces. But those forces that are most directly worshiped  and empowered by the cults. I don't see us being able to drive out the cults as long as they are protected by the Constitution. How will we have the power to do it when our Constitution does not line up with the Word of God, which says:

Psalm 81:9 New King James Version (NKJV)
There shall be no foreign god among you;
Nor shall you worship any foreign god.

Having a Constitution which protects demonic cults to operate in our land is an act of rebellion against God. How are we going to drive out the cults while still in that rebellion?

I believe we will have to re-write the Constitution first in order to cleanse the land after. First we must repent of having a partially rebellious Constitution. Then we will have the power to cleanse the land."

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Steve Pursell, 3/22/19