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MJGA not MAGA, 10/19/19

Right now there is a lot of talk about how Trump may or may not be failing on his promises to the nation and losing control of the government. But what is needed to do is look at all this from a biblical perspective. In short, repentance to God and looking to Jesus is always the answer. The problem is that waaaaaay to many people are looking to Trump to rescue America instead of repentance to God as the answer. Trump has not said one word about confessing our sins to God and repenting to him as nation. But the answer starts there. There is NO HOPE WHATSOEVER of America being we healed without repentance to God. It should be MJGA not MAGA. Make JESUS great again not America. Trump's worship of America over his worship of God is a huge part of the problem. The only plan that will actually help is one that puts God first. Our nation needs to repent and surrender to God and return to the purpose for which he created this nation: to be a holy nation and a standard of righteousness and peace to the nations of the earth.

Please access this link below to see what GOD has said the vision for this nation needs to be:

Steve Pursell, 10/19/19