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A Word to Hurting Men, 5/3/19

This message is for men who are hurting over how their dad's treated them as a boy.

Bless your heart, my brother. I understand your pain. But be encouraged, our God is so very very patient and longsuffering, and his love for you is so great. He will not get tired of your mistakes. He is deeply invested in you getting what you need from him and growing up to be a mature son. God did not have to tell me anything specific about your dad, but out of experience and discernment I understand these things somewhat. What happens is our dad's didn't give us the love we needed. That caused us to hate ourselves and think bad about ourselves. And we project our image of our dad onto God. That is why you have these negative thoughts like maybe what you do for him is not good enough. Or something like that.  It is not true.  It is a lie from the devil that is lodged in your soul. God is pleased that you want to do things for him. He may want to teach you a better way to do it, but he appreciates your good intent.  Very few men do not have these kinds of 'father wounds' in their souls. It is not your fault. You are precious to God, he values you. The Father is your Father and he values you so much that he sacrificed his favorite son for you, his Only Begotten Son. He allowed him to be brutally tortured to death.  For you! That is really really big love. He is not going to let you go. Look what Isaiah wrote:

Isaiah 43:4 New King James Version (NKJV)
Since you were precious in My sight,
You have been honored,
And I have loved you;
Therefore I will give men for you,
And people for your life.

The only way you could get away from him is if you insisted on hardening your heart and chose to reject him permanently. But you are not going to do that. And he would fight for you if you tried. He would fight to bring you back him him, over and over and over. Brother, you are a son. You are God's son and you are a good son. So you are not perfected yet. Who is? God still wants you to know that you are his son.  Please read Rom 8:14-30 every day. And confess over yourself: "I am a son of God." It will feel good. Your Father loves you and it is not your fault that your dad did not love you as much as you deserved as a boy. God is at work to heal it. It doesn't happen over night.

(PRAYER) Father, help my brother know that he is your son and how much you treasure him, that he is worth more than many fine rubies. Heal those places in is his soul where his dad hurt him and made him feel unloved and unworthy. Break self-hated off of him and help him love himself as you want for him. He is worth it in your eyes. Thank you, Lord.

I love you, my brother, be well.

Steve Pursell, 5/3/19