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Joe Hagmann's Death, 7/2/19

I got the new yesterday about Joe Hagmann's death. I don't believe the law enforcement story for a second. I expect that Joe was murdered by the cults and the cops are covering for it as they so often do. That kind of thing happens all the time in America, all the time. As I listened to his father Doug Hagmann and the great man of God Russ Dizdar on the show where Doug announced Joe's death, I believe I discerned that even these two very stellar men, who are so deep in exposing the darkness, may not yet fully understand just how extensive is the control that the Luciferians have over law enforcement, the courts and the prison systems of this nation. As an SRA survivor and an ex-con who has been through courts and prisons and additionally has researched much about, I believe it is pretty much all pervasive. From what I can see I think Doug is discerning in his gut that something is wrong but is understandably staggering under the attack of having the law enforcement tell him his fine son died of an overdose. These kinds of things are normal ways for them to murder people. The fact that Doug has already found dubious things in the report is proof that something is wrong. If it is all legitimate then why would the report not be clean and orderly? I say it is a cover up. I believe Joe was murdered and the fix is in. I am praying for God's Light to be poured out over this and for the family to get justice and for this case to be used by God to help expose just how complete the Luciferian cult control over law enforcement in this country really is. I could not find a email for Doug but I know you a man who is on good terms with him and I asked if he is willing to forward this same message in an email to Doug. I am praying for mighty heavenly armies to back Doug up as he pursues the truth. Please pray with me. Thank you, brothers and sisters.

Steve Pursell, 7/2/19