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God's America, 7/18/19

It is true that until we re-write the Constitution we need to adhere to the original one and not be lawless. However.... Moses led his generation well but did not go into the land. That was for Joshua and his generation to do. I fear for some leaders that they are too much Moses and not enough Joshua, too married to the old ways they were raised in to be able to cross over into the land of the new thing God is doing. They may say some good things here but I don't believe they really get the heartbeat of God to do a new thing and give us a better government, one free of the Luciferian tares that were sown in among the wheat. Why would we choose to be so foolish as to believe that God is stuck in the past and has no confidence in himself to be able to improve on a government that was designed by imperfect men 240 years ago, men who did not even fast and pray for revelation from heaven on how to do it but relied on the imperfect wisdom in their own souls? And when 44 of the 56 signers of the Declaration were members of illuminated fraternities including full blown satanists like Ben Franklin and Alexander Hamilton? It is foolish not to accept and rejoice at the fact that God is always moving forward and offering something new and better. God can do it. He is not limited to the imperfections of the Founding Fathers. But as we deify the Founding Fathers as if they were holier than they really were, then we hold ourselves back from what God wants to give us going forward.

I recommend that you take time to watch this excellent documentary from believing filmmaker Christian Pinto. It exposes some ugly truths about the Founding Fathers that many leaders so far have refused to acknowledge. But we need to face the facts about our national roots if we are to repent and get free and move on into what God has for us for the future:

The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers

Steve Pursell, 7/19/19