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Dry Seasons, 5/3/19

When there is a lot of rain, the trees can drink freely from the water that is in the ground near the surface. This encourages them to develop a root ball near the surface. But when it is dry, it forces the trees to use their stored resources to send roots down deep to reach for the water that is stored down deeper in the ground. This makes the tree strong. Deeper roots mean the tree is more strong and can withstand greater winds and buffeting. Then, also, when there is water again at the surface there is that much more of a root ball from which the tree can drink both up high and deep down beneath. When they can drink more water then they can grow bigger and stronger and bear fruit. This is what God does with us. He allows us to have dry times so that we have to dig down deep to stay with him. It makes us strong. Then when a season of refreshing comes we have that much more spiritual strength with which to go forward in the war. I know it is hard, Matt. But you are doing fine. The fact that you care and do not want to feel far from God indicates that you heart is in the right place. Keep reaching for him.  You would not be here on this website seeking God and reading this if that were not the case. Keep telling him you want him, all of him. Keep praying for others as best you can. Keep reading in your bible as much as you can. Keep sending your roots deeper reaching for water. In time it will all pay off and make sense and you will be the stronger for it. Stay the course, brother, you can do it. God is with you. He will help you. He believes in you that you can do it and he believes in himself to be able to help you as you need it. But he will make you work for it. He is training you up to be a fully grown mature son of God. It is a good thing, and you want it. You can do it, brothers. I am proud of you.

Steve Pursell, 5/3/19