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Omnibus Email, 3/27/18

Today I have emailed Trump about the Omnibus Bill. I didn't keep a copy but the below is generally what I said to him:

Mr. President:

I am a praying christian and a prophet of God. I support your God-given authority as our President. I support many of the things you have done. But my first loyalty is to Almighty God and his immutable spiritual principles, not to you. Sir, you have really blown it with the Omnibus Bill. You have betrayed the most vulnerable of our citizens, our unborn babies. It is not okay for you to present yourself as a defender of the unborn at the March for Life and then turn around and give $500 Million to Planned Parenthood for the murdering of our babies. It is hypocrisy and two-facedness. You should have vetoed Omnibus. The blood of any babies that are killed with this money is on your hands. God will now judge our nation, (and you) for this sin with an economic disaster. And it is YOUR fault. You need to publicly repent of this great and egregious sin in God's eyes. You are sworn to protect our babies not hand them over to Planned Parenthood to be murdered. God loves you and will forgive you if you repent publicly and sincerely, first to God and then to the nation. God is not playing with this, repent quickly or face dire consequences from him. May he have mercy on your soul for this. I am praying that you will do the right thing and repent and correct this great sin you have committed against the unborn. Please watch these two videos on this subject.  God bless you, sir.

Trump's Wrong Choice

Trump's Omnibus Disaster Will Be Judged

 -Stephen Pursell

Steve Pursell, 3/27/18