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Navigating This Civil War, 3/29/18

Here is some food for thought and a word to the wise when it comes to this civil war. As you are watching this civil war grow and become more deadly, you will more easily find your way in navigating it if you keep in mind the following things

1- God is not stuck in the past thinking that the best he can do is an old outdated government that fallen men invented 240 years ago which was riddled with occult influence.

2- God is a progressive God always trying to move his people forward into greater revelation.

3- God is not fighting to uphold the old constitution rather he is intentionally letting it die in hope that we will seek him for a new and better one.

4- God loves this nation and wants to do this so that we can have real peace and pass on something better to our progeny than this stinking old relic of a government that we inherited.

5- God loves people and wants us to love our nation too in balance but he is willing to let people die unnecessarily if they insist on fighting to hold on to some old dead thing that he is trying to replace.

Don't fight to hold onto the old ways. Die to the old ways and fight to be a part of the new thing God is trying to birth. Only those who want something new and better will have his favor in the long run. That goes for the government and the church.

Steve Pursell, 3/29/18