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Blood On Trump's Hands, 3/24/18

Yesterday, when Trump signed the Ominbus Spending Bill without a fight, unwisely choosing not to use this power of veto, it made me sick. I wept and wept all day.  I was so heart broken I could barely breathe.The pain of his betrayal of the nation and especially the unborn babies was overwhelming. The $500 million that goes to Planned Parenthood in the bill is blood money. By selling out the unborn in favor of building the military, Trump has only succeeded in getting blood on his hands and actually making the nation LESS safe.  It betrays that his priorities are all messed up. Trump's thinking is utterly undiscerning and lacking in any spiritual reality. He signed off on those evil things just so he could get the military spending he wanted. This is the spirit of compromise, of dancing with the devil. He did it in the name of 'protecting the nation.' But with all this (Achan's) sin in the camp we could have a trillion man army and get routed. It is the battle of Ai from the book of Joshua all over again because the Lord will not go out with our armies until we repent. Better to defund federal dollar abortion and not be able to fund the military at all than to compromise and uphold the most hideous of all sins of sacrificing our precious unborn babies.  Safety lies in holiness not in numbers. Trump has done the nation great damage with this, we will all pay a dear price for it.

Steve Pursell, 3/24/18