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Is Trump Failing?, 9/25/17

Is Trump failing? I hope not, I do not want him to. But I am concerned that President Trump is perhaps failing to move the nation where it needs to go in certain very important respects. He means well, and is innocent of the false accusations from the left, but he is spiritually somewhat lacking in discernment and has not adequately succeeded so far to get at the root issues we face: like the fact that the nation is run by the Luciferian and otherwise satanic cults.  So far he has worked at things he knows how to do, like economic issues, and that is good and appreciated.  But I question whether he has succeeded to cut into the endemic corruption in the government. He campaigned well against it with his "Drain the Swamp" message. But unfortunately he has surrounded himself with Swamp Things like H. R. Horror McMaster, Mad Hog Mattis and Dead Pan Kelly without who are not serving the nation well. He has somewhat betrayed his voter base by campaigning on "Cooked Hillary, Lock Her Up!" and then turning around and calling the criminal Clintons "good people" when he got in. He has never repented for this but it would be really good if he did. The world class criminals like the Bushes, Clintons and Obamas are all still 'walking the streets' while his A.G., whom he criticized but has not replaced, goes after small fish like marijuana growers and dealers and users. Hillary is world class blood drinking baby-sacrificing witch, she is a murderer, rapist and child molester. He was right in the first place, she needs to be locked up. He needs to return to that goal with a vengeance. And there is a huge hole in his agenda: he has not moved the nation towards the biggest thing God wants to give us in our government: A NEW CONSTITUTION!! He is trying to fix the problem of a broken system using the old model of the broken outdated system. But you can't heal cancer with cancer tablets. It can never work. We need a NEW CONSTITUTION and we may need a revolution in order to get it. We will see. I hope not, I would prefer and I pray for a peaceful transition. But we need to know this: GOD is at work to give us a new and better form of government whether President Trump moves with him in that respect or not. We would do well to follow God in this not our President if it turns out he can't even keep his campaign promises, and I hope he will. If he publicly repents of his failures and leads the nation in agreement with where God is going I will support him. But until then I am struggling with my faith that he is a man of his word or has the vision to take us where we need to go. God knows where we need to go and we need to follow him whether not our President comes along. It is over 15 years since God showed me he would give us a new government. I am sticking with his plan no matter what President Trump does, but I hope and pray he gets on board and leads us into it. That would be the best way for it to happen. God will have his way, no matter what and I hope President Trump experiences the joy and fulfillment of having obeyed him in this.  But has shown me that the Holy Spirit Will Engulf Washington, D. C., so I know one way or the other God Will Heal America and Return Us to Our Purpose.

Steve Pursell, 9/25/17