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God's America, 11/17/17

God loves America. He has chosen this nation to shine for him in the Last Days. We are his favorite nation on earth next to Israel. He has created us with destiny and he is committed to see us through to walking it out. He has a plan to help us repent for all our staggering weight of sin and make us a righteous faithful people:

Isaiah 1:26 New King James Version (NKJV)
26 I will restore your judges as at the first,
And your counselors as at the beginning.
Afterward you shall be called the city of righteousness, the faithful city.”

He wants to give us a new and much much better governmental structure than the one we have always had. He is God and he is infinitely more qualified than fallen man to come up with a government that will really work. Of course he would use men who are yielded to the Holy Spirit to bring about such a thing but the point is the ideas would come for him and not from the souls of fallen men. He loves us and longs to do this for us. His heart is aching to give us this new and better way to live but as a nation we are fighting him with all our strength. By and large even the believing, praying christians in this nation are unrepentantly married to our old dead form of government and rejecting the prophetic call to embrace a new and better one. I know this to be true because I have for fifteen years, since God showed it to me, been preaching the new government, and no one has listened.

God is a progressive God, always working to move his people forward into a deeper revelation of him. He is not stuck in the past thinking that a government made by fallen men 240 years ago is the best he can do. Especially when it was a government that was born out of the souls of those men and not by his Spirit. The 'founding fathers' were not men of fasting and prayer who sought God for how to write the constitution, they acted out of their sown souls as to what they thought was best. And that is the good part of it! The bad part of it is that some of them were worshipers of Satan who were intentionally trying to build a structure that would inhabit evil in the land. Actually that intent was very significantly successful and we are reaping the ill fruit of those bad seeds right up until now. Still God wants to help us clear away the tares that were sown in among the good wheat and start over. That is part of what he is saying when he give me a word for the nation like: Return to Purpose. If we yield to him he will give us a wonderful government for heaven, a theocracy that is led by him through the Holy Spirit who is God here on earth until Jesus returns. Admittedly it will not be the fullness of the millennial government because Jesus is not yet here in person to preside over it.  But, again, if we let him, he will give us the precursor to the millennial government in our time to segue into the fullness when Jesus returns. He love us so much and wants to give us this good thing. He is grieving over how we are refusing to let him give it to us. He will not force it upon us. We have to choose it of our own free will.  Unfortunately, so far, we are not.

Again, God loves America and has a very great plan for us. It includes a whole New American Government that is born of his Spirit and directed from heaven and carried out through Holy Spirit led men. So let's stop refusing to let him give us the new and better government from heaven that is in his heart to give us. We will be so much better off if we let him do it. God bless you, my fellow, chosen, and much blessed Americans.

Steve Pursell, 11/17/17