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God Is So Merciful, 10/2/17

Oh, what a merciful God we have. Today I am so amazed at his great love and mercy to us in America. As we grieve the Las Vegs shooting we need to also see how kind and merciful God has been to us in this. We are not happy that those who died lost their lives and that others were wounded. We pray for the families of those lost and hurt. But we need to worship God for his kindness.  He has in fact showed us very great mercy in this. Las Vegas is an incredibly sinful city, sin that a Holy God has to judge when it is not repented for. Las Vegas is the American flagship of gambling, prostitution, and the love of money, a Sodom of the indulgence of the sinful flesh. It deserves so much a worse judgment than this. When God judged Sodom and Gomorrah he killed everyone but one family! Yet God in his very great mercy has only taken a few dozen lives in Las Vegas.  What mercy! In his loving heart he is hoping that we as a nation will respond to this as he intends and humble ourselves and repent for our great sin. He loves the people who live in and travel to Las Vegas despite the sin there and he longs for them to repent so that he can save and restore them. Let us agree with him today and pray prayers of repentance for our sin, both in Las Vegas and around the nation. The God of Heaven has judged sin, but in doing so he has been incredibly merciful. Thank you, Lord, God of Mercy.

(PRAYER) Lord, we pray you continue to have mercy on Las Vegas. Please comfort the grieving. Pour out the spirit of repentance and help them to repent for the sins of their city so that you can bring your Peace to the city. Lord, forgive us for our very great sin against you, in Las Vegas and around the nation, that we have left you no choice but to judge us this way. Thank you that you have been so merciful in doing it. Thank you for your great love for the people of Las Vegas and your desire to teach them to live in your holy ways so that they will have the blessed and peaceful life for which you created them. Help them find it, Lord.  And we thank you for the promise, that if we truly repent as a nation, that you Will Heal America and Return to Us Our Purpose. Thank you Lord.

Steve Pursell, 10/2/17