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Abortion Scourge Repentance, 12/22/17

May God have mercy on us a such a sinful wicked nation as to murder our babies in the womb. We have murdered 60 Million Innocent little ones! I bless our President for the things he is doing well but how I wish I could hear him preach loudly against the scourge of abortion in our land. We have been being judged as a nation for years in gradually increasing of severity. Hurricane Harvey demonstrated that very clearly. But we are not repenting as a nation. Judgment will break out on us now at a whole new level because we refuse to repent for the evil of abortion as a nation. Woe to us.

(PRAYER) Lord, our sin is so great. We are murderers. We have been committing infanticide for over forty years. Have mercy on us!! Our hearts are so hard!! Please pour the blood of Jesus over us and wash away this hideous sin!! We know that not enough people will repent and that you will have to judge us now. But please be as merciful as you can as you do it. Please do not sweep away the righteous with the wicked as you come to judge us in your Holy Anger. You are so good and so merciful. Thank you that you have been so patient in waiting for us to repent of our own accord. Thank you that by judging us you will help us do it now when we are not doing it on our own. Please do whatever it takes to humble and soften our hard hearts. Have mercy, Abba, thank you.

Steve Pursell, 12/22/17