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True Islam, 6/6/15

This shows more of the truth about the Satanic cult called Islam that our president faithfully espouses and protects. Just because some Muslims are more peaceful does not mean their religion is virtuous. The violent ones are acting out things that are taught by the Koran in a general way. Mohammed was a violent man and he tough violence. Pray that God saves the ones who want peace so that they come to know Jesus the Prince of Peace. God have mercy on our nation for allowing this evil cult in our land and electing a Muslim President. May He be merciful in the judgment he will bring against us of our incredible sin as a nation. ISIS is already here and will rise up in the Southwest of America and terrorize and murder many. Before it is all over we will pay a great price for allowing this cult to thrive in our land. There were many problems with the Founding Fathers of America but I laud them for this. When the Founding Fathers of our nation wrote about freedom of religion what God meant in it was that you could be a Baptist or a Lutheran or a Quaker or a Jew or what ever form of Judeo-Christian belief you wanted to practice. They did not mean that Satanic cults like Islam, Wicka, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. etc. etc., should be allowed to thrive in America. We need to re-write the Constitution and say that, although all who want to come and submit to the truth of the bible are welcome here, no religious system that does not worship Yahweh the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob is welcome on American soil. Only then will we be faithful to the calling God has given America as it comes to freedom of religion.

-Steve Pursell, 6/6/15