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Kennedy Vision/Assassination, 1/20/15

This is a vision from my heart of hope and direction and prayer and action for the body of Christ in our time in America.  If you will endure to the end of this message, you will read a call to prayer and both spiritual and physical warfare against the enemy of our souls and his committed servants in the earth.   We are being called into war with Satan's army in the flesh that carries out the directives of principalities, and powers, a wicked rulers in high places that have had our nation in bondage.

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was one of the most traumatic events in the history of America.  It may turn out to pale by comparison to some of things that could happen in America over the next several years, however, if there is not adequate repentance and soon.  On the political front this will include tremendous upheaval surrounding The Presidency, including the exposure of the Vince Foster Murder Cover-Up.   But in its time Kennedy's assassination  was huge.  Over the decades since then there has been lots of debate about who really killed him and why. 

Lee Harvey Oswald did not do it alone and was exactly what he said he was, a patsy, man set up to take the rap and then killed to cover up the truth. I do not know any specific names in the conspiracy to kill Kennedy other than the obvious like Lyndon B. Johnson and Jack Ruby, whose Murder of Oswald was an obvious part of the plot to remove Oswald and bury the truth.  But I have the general idea of where it came from and what it was Kennedy did that made him a mark.  I believe that when the truth about the assassination comes out, and it will, it will be revealed that both George Herbert Walker Bush(Sr.) and Richard Milhous Nixon Helped Kill Kennedy.

Kennedy knew the truth about Satanic cults, a.k.a. 'secret societies' as they are often called by those who know about them but do understand the direct worship of Satan/Lucifer as god among these consciously-partcipating members of the army of Satan in the earth.  Kennedy was one who did not understand the deeper spiritual implications but he did know the general working of the cults, though he did not know to call them that, but knew them only as 'secret societies. 

These cults were very instrumental in the design and formation of our government here in America and have significantly influenced many parts of the government throughout our history,  including having some of their members in the office of President.  These cults have increasingly taken over the government such that they now dominate it entirely.  They are now so confident in their dominance that men like John Kerry are so bold as to laugh and joke about their secrecy as he does in this Interview where he openly admits his involvement in Scull and Bones, a Satanic cult. 

Over the decades of our history dozens of Presidents have been involved in these 'illuminated fraternities,' as the cults are also deceivingly called.  Even George Washington who truly was a genuine christian, dabbled in these cults.  I believe that Washington was not truly high ranking in the Masonic cult he was affiliated with and did not truly understand that it was Satanic in nature.  This is not surprising since not all in the organizations know that the highest, most secretive levels of it, they worship Lucifer as god.   All this time the cults have moved to try to bring their vision of America to become the 'New Atlantis.'  The most  excellent source of information of this kind is the ministry of Dr. Tom Horn.

Many Presidents have been hand picked by the cults and groomed and placed in the office and led to do the bidding of of the cults.  John Kennedy however was not among these, he was not at all a consummate insider to these cult circles.  However many are, like, for example, George W. Bush, who is from family that has been steeped in the cult activity for generations.  His father George H. W. Bush was chosen by the cults to be the first 'great' open mouthpiece to bring the plans for the New World Order.  In his famous Thousand Points of Light Inauguration Speech, Bush Sr. put forth the Satanic cult plan for the anti-Christ world government.  Please watch this Prophetic Video that includes accounts of how God has judged some of the decisions of the Bushes when they were in office and know that God will soon deal with G.W. Bush for the evil things he did while in The Presidency.   But Kennedy was an outsider to these cult circles.  Kennedy was and Irish-Catholic(an undesirable pedigree to cult elitists) who put to get a political machine and made into the White House without the approval of these cults.  He was not nearly spiritual enough to understand Satanic worship as a part of the spiritual warfare reality we face as christians. But he knew enough about them to make this Secret Society Speech exposing the work of these cults to a certain extent.

This made him a very great threat to the cults.  With the tremendous authority and power he had as President he could have done great damage to the cults if he could have motivated the American people against them. So they were very threatened and afraid and made plans to kill Kennedy.  Unfortunately Kennedy was not in deep relationship with God and therefore did not have any significant supernatural protection.  Thus the efforts of the cults to conspire against him, which included plots within government circles, succeeded and they killed him.  Although I could not prove it(yet) I have no doubt that Lyndon B. Johnson, who was a Mason, was in on it.

It should also be said that as well government, one of the great nests of the cult members is the world of central banking.  This history goes way back and includes men like Alexander Hamilton who was a cult member and a great proponent of central banks.  Interestingly and prophetically, I believe, Hamilton died being defeated in a duel with Aaron Burr, the grandson of one of the greatest true and unfortunately unsung heroes of America, the great New England revivalist, Jonathan Edwards.

Kennedy was admittedly a very flawed man and not deep in a personal relationship with God but I believe his desire to move the American government and people against the cults was a very godly thing.  I believe it was a reflection of our calling and destiny as a nation to be used of God to help drive Satan and his cults out of the earth.  In the future, along with other sheep nations, chiefly Israel, I believe we will begin to do just this after we have adequately Cried Out to God for America  and repented for our very great present sin as a nation and sought the Lord to form a New American Government.  This new government will be free of the Satanic cult tares sown in among the wheat of our godly inheritance that comes from our Pilgrim fathers much more than from the founding fathers who were a very mixed group.  Perhaps as many as 44 out of 56 of the the signers of the Declaration of Independence belonged to 'illuminated fraternities,' a.k.a. Satanic cults.

As imperfect as he was, but in a more spiritual way, we need to get back on the page Kennedy was on and go to work to drive these cults(including Islam) out of our nation and get right with God just like men like Elijah, Elisha, Jehu and  Josiah did, working to  drive these same cults out of ancient Israel.  As christians we need to pray and try to lead to Jesus as many members of these cults as are willing to be saved.  But make no mistake about it, all of them who refuse to submit to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ as God in the Flesh and King over all creation need to be removed from American soil, no exceptions.  God is with us to do this but we need to get it in gear and do it.  With true Consecration to God and the coming Baptism Of Fire, we will have the Exousia, the Dunamis,  and the Supernatural Protection we need to fight as the Army Of Light we are called to be.  Rising up as a mighty warring church, moving in Corporate Prayer,  Dispatching Angels and making all war on the enemy we will surely defeat these cults in the struggle to control  our land.  We can thus Return to Our Purpose and usher in a New America much greater than the one we inherited from our forefathers.

God bless you and may we all be found safe in Him in the very challenging times ahead.

-Steve Pursell, 1/20/15