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Christmas Is Occult, 12/7/15

The practice of Christmas is a long held tradition in western culture and most christians claim that Jesus was born then but this is not biblical. In fact, The Bible Condemns Christmas. Jesus was in fact born around the Jewish holiday of Passover in the spring, possibly on Nisan 1 of the Hebrew calendar. We know that it was in the Spring because in Luke 2:8 the scripture says that the shepherds were in the fields with the flocks at night.  This is proof it was in the Spring because only in Spring did the shepherds stay out at night with the ewes that are giving birth. The ewes  only give birth in that season. December 25 is in fact the birthday of Nimrod the first great world ruler/dictator/king figure in Genesis 10 who built the tower of Babel. The claim that Jesus was born on December 25 was also first done to associate his birth with the occult practice of the pagan holiday of Yule and the demonic worship surrounding the winter solstice on December 21.  In the modern day Christmas myth Nimrod goes by the name of Santa Claus, which is an occult anagram for Satan Lucas/Lucis/Lucifer.  We can practice the Hebrew holiday of Chanukah at the same time of year if we want or celebrate Jesus birthday in the Spring if we want but christians need to know that we cannot sanctify an occult holiday by pretending that Jesus was born at a time when we he was not.  We need to repent for the practice entirely.  Please watch these excellent videos from Jonathan Cahn and Stephen Dollins on these subjects.

Steve Pursell, 12/7/15