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To Umarried Women, 3/6/14

To all unmarried women:

Dear Sisters,

Hear me today. You are precious to God! He loves you so very very much and wants to teach you to love yourselves in a holy way. You need to know who you are, how valuable you are. Our culture is twisted and sinful and is lying to you : you don't have to yield to its pressures. You are too precious to give yourself away easily. Understand this: there is NO man who deserves the precious gift of your physical intimacy without first honoring you with marriage: the act, not just the promise. God sees you as ever so precious and he desires for you to be loved by a man who will give himself to you sacrificially, honoring you with marriage, waiting for your love until your wedding night, only this man deserves your touch. Allowing a man to touch you intimately without marrying you first is a dishonoring of yourself, a failure to love and value yourself as God would have you do. He treasures you and wants you to agree with that and guard your most precious gift with great respect. Sex is designed to be a sacred act, only to be enjoyed by a man and wife in the context of a marriage union approved of by authority that is approved of in God's eyes. It is precious and not to disrespected by use outside of marriage. Any confusion you may have had this way comes out of not loving and respecting yourself as you deserve as a precious creation of God. Learn to love yourself, CHOOSE to love yourself. Don't allow ANY man to take advantage of your desire to be touched and loved. When a man takes a woman to bed without first honoring her with marriage, he dishonors her, no matter how mutual the choice is. You women deserve better from men but you also have the obligation of drawing the appropriate boundary for yourself in this area. Value yourself and stand your ground. The temporary pleasure you get out of being with a man who has not married you will be outweighed by the damage done to your soul and body by disrespecting yourself: it isn't worth it, it hurts you. God desires for you to be truly honored and loved by a worthy man so be encouraged to only receive a man who treats you honorably. May God bless you today and heal you from any and all wounds you have received at the hands of men taking advantage of you in the past. On behalf of all men I ask your forgiveness that men have treated you dishonorably. Bless you as you learn to love yourself as you deserve. God loves you immensely and it is okay for you to agree with him.

-Steve Pursell, 3/6/14