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Mercy Is The Answer, 11/27/14

This is a video Michael Brown stealing cigars and bullying the clerk who tried to stop him. Please do not misunderstand the intent of this message. Please do not let devil tempt you to be angry or self-righteous or judgmental of Michael. Likewise do not hate the cops who killed him. The answer is MERCY!!  Jesus is the Answer!!  Yes, there needs to be accountability but not with crushing punishment, but with merciful, true justice and heart for reconciliation and healing, not blind vengeance. We have become a merciless, hard-hearted nation. We have always had a measure of that in our culture but now it has taken over. Michael was in pain, he was in the grip of the devil. He needed Jesus, he needed love and healing and deliverance from demons. Now he is gone and we do not know where he is in eternity. I hope he made it into peace and is not in torment forever.  The cops need Jesus too.  America we are in trouble. We have abandoned God and we are suffering for it. The answer is not for us to become enraged and political and violent but to become humble before God for our sins as a nation and to cry out to him for mercy and forgiveness and to turn from our very great sin as nation. Only then can he come to us and heal us and give us peace and order and blessing and true justice.  Please do not hate Michael, please do not hate the cops. Please let us allow Jesus soften our hearts and fill us with love and mercy and a desire for repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. I will be endeavoring to do those things too.

(prayer)Oh God, have mercy on our land and our people especially our people in Ferguson and the other areas that are beginning to riot. Pour out the spirit of repentance on them, turn their heart back to you. Have mercy on us God, we have turned our backs on you and you are just to judge and chastise us for it. Please help us to come back to you. We are lost and cannot find our way, we need your help to do it, we do not know what we are doing. Have mercy Lord, have mercy.

-Steve Pursell, 11/27/14