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60 Million Innocents, 12/17/14

America, we have murdered 60-65 million of these precious little ones. We have received many increasingly stiff judgments from God(Oklahoma City, 911, Katrina,etc) as wake-ups calls but still we have refused to repent. How can we escape the judgment of Almighty God who is Holy and Just and can no longer withhold justice on behalf of these slaughtered innocents whose blood cries out from the ground like that of righteous Abel. Woe to us, America, may God be merciful to us in the destruction that he cannot help but to bring now that we have chosen judgment over repentance.

(PRAYER) Oh God! How great is our sin!! We are murdering our children for selfishness and convenience!! Oh God, how can you but judge us!! It is too late to avoid it now, but we cry for MERCY!!! MERCY LORD!!! Even judgment you are merciful!! Have mercy on us as you come to judge us for our hideous abominable sin!! OH GOD!! OH GOD!!!! MERCY, Lord, MERCY we pray!!

Steve Pursell, 12/17/14

Now we have had judgments like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma but still the nation will not repent, while foolish immature prophets still claim God is not judging America. God will keep judging us until we repent for this abomination. Years ago he told a True Prophet of God that if we did not repent for abortion he would come in judgment and take life for life for the babies we have slaughtered. So if we don't repent soon we could lose 20% of our population as a nation. Woe to America for our murder of our babies!

Steve Pursell, 12/27/17