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Heaven On Earth, 3/13/14

Fellow Children of God, please hear the message I have for you today.  Jesus said this:

Matthew 6:10
Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

We need to understand that God does not see the earth as some stinking old thing he wants to get rid of where he wants to save us out of it and carry us off to heaven far away never to return. Those who experience that will be those who live in the lowest levels of heaven and never know all that God intended for them to live as sons of God. A careful study of the scriptures shows that God's plan has everything to do with bringing ALL of heaven to earth to stay. It is from here that we will move out into the universe. Our attitude should not be one of wanting to get out of here but that of wanting to use the authority and power God has given us to take this earth back from the devil and start getting it cleaned up to receive Jesus as he returns. He has to have something worthwhile to return for, both us and his earth. Let God fill your heart with the vision of being used by him to save and heal not only your fellow man but the earth that we have been given to live on. The Holy Spirit said this:

Psalm 37:11
But the meek shall inherit the earth, And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

Only those who failed to love and serve God as they could have will be 'in heaven forever' on not on earth as well. The sons of God will enjoy all the levels of heaven but not all the saved will become sons of God, many will remain immature children, not trustworthy with the Father's business. God wants to use you to run the devil out of this earth so you can inherit it as is promised to you. If you do not have vision for this you are actually quite lost although you may be minimally saved. The purpose of God is to raise up sons who walk in heaven and earth the same time as Jesus did. Enoch did it thousands of years ago and there are some doing it even now and it is available to us if we are willing to pay the price. Don't let the devil cheat you with shallow religious notions about getting out of here and going off to heaven somewhere far away as if that was the end of God's plan. Let God use YOU to take back the earth and bring his kingdom HERE, as has always been his plan. Give yourself to him wholly and invite him to take over every aspect of you life, be willing to pay any price to have all that he wants you to have as his son, which includes a great cost that is more than worth it. Bless you and my you be found WHOLLY in him!

-Steve Pursell, 3/13/14