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Financial Shift 2, 7/16/14

I hope we all are in touch with reality enough to know that there is a network of central bankers and financial movers and shakers, who are occultists, that are central to an effort to create a one world government which they generally call the New World Order.   Earlier this year, Christine Lagarde, from the International Monetary Fund, gave a press conference and intimated through a kind of code-like speech that these financial kingpins will be attempting to achieve a massive financial reset this month, Lagarde seems to point out the 20th, in particular. These attempt by the servants of Satan to bring about the financial aspect of the Luciferian/Satanic agenda for world dominance are not always successful in their attempts because God is infinitely bigger than their power but we can tell that they are trying to do this at this time. Depending on how much they are allowed by God to follow through with this plan at this point I think it is entirely possible that the transfer of wealth into hands of the members of the family of God whom he has approved, of which I have spoken: Financial Shift, 6/30/14, will happen at this point as God provides miraculously for the obedient among his people. The principle of this thing is shown beautifully in the biblical account of the biblical book of Esther when God used Esther to save the Israelite people. A wicked enemy of God's people named Haman had succeeded in getting the king to make a law enabling the enemies of the Israelites to kill them all on a certain date. By virtue of the legal system of that empire, the law, once in place could not be changed. But through Esther's intervention an additional law was added enabling the Israelites to defend themselves and thus when the date came God have the children of Israel victory in the fight over those who wanted to kill them. So we see God turning a plan of God's enemies against them and blessing his people through it. I think it very possible that this principle will be at work again this month as the conspirators try to work their evil but God provides for his children and continues two display his glory as the the One who always has the final say on any matter. I am not saying that I think that the NWO people will have no success at all in their attempt but either way I know that God is at work to shift massive amounts of wealth to his faithful people so we may very well see that happen or being to happen at this time. Again, please read Financial Shift, 6/30/14 to know how you can move towards being in line with God for his blessing in this way.   Bless you.

-Steve Pursell, 7/16/14