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Sobering Call To Repentance, 6/29/14

Today I woke up and the Lord was singing to me the old song we all know: "America, America, God shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea." As I have meditated on what God is saying I can only think that he was singing me that song to tell of his lament over this nation for our profound ingratitude to him as nation: that when he has blessed us so richly, making us more powerful and wealthy than any nation in history up until that time, we have chosen to piss it away and embrace sodomy as a cultural value and other such sickening sins. Sodomy is an unnatural act, a crime against nature and a form of worship to Satan that has been practiced by demonic cults for millennia, God calls it DETESTABLE. Woe, to us for our very great sin against a loving, patient God who has watched over us so lovingly. We have trodden on his grace and told ourselves that we were so great that we could rewrite the eternal unwritten spiritual laws of morality and justice and that God had to submit to our wills because we are America, 'the greatest nation in the history of the earth': a title we have given ourselves in our self-idolatry but that God has never said. No, we are legends in our own minds: self-deluded, self-worshiping, hedonists who have rejected God in favor of cheap thrills from the devil and we will surely pay the piper. No, we need to remember that God is HOLY, and it is he alone that defines the boundaries of morality and justice, he is GOD and he does not bow to our will but will surely bow us to his own righteous for our longterm health. No, we have thrown away our inheritance for a lie and now we will surely reap the ill fruit of our folly. Woe to us for our pride and lust for wealth and pleasure. There is no hope outside of obedience to God who is the author of all life and blessing. No, my friends, do not deceive yourselves, there is no escaping the righteous judgements of God against our very great sin as a nation, he is just in his actions that will now break forth upon us. Yet even now he will strike us only out of love: disciplining us to stop us from destroying ourselves completely. Yes, there will be restoration in the land eventually, a resurrection to a whole new and better America that has a totally new governmental structure and of reformed church that yields to the Holy Spirit instead of religion. But this will surely not come without a long consistent heartfelt, sincere, agonized cry to God in repentance for our wickedness against him as a nation. We are in very great trouble: trouble that makes Black Friday 1929, Pearl Harbor, 911, and Katrina all wrapped into one look like a mouse fart. There will be no rest from God's judgements until we truly repent of our many great sins. And fellow christians among you be careful not to deceive your elves by arguing your self-righteousness for we are the ones who were given all the spiritual authority we needed to not only stop the devil from taking over four country but to drive him out of it completely and usher in the Kingdom of God in the land and we have utterly failed to do it: we are the most responsible of all for the problems. Let us repent and seek God will all our hearts that he may turn from his anger against our sin and bring us into a whole new and better place as he so longs to do but cannot until we humble ourselves before him. May we all be found among the truly repentant in the days ahead.

-Steve Pursell 6/29/14