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Praises For Answered Prayer, 7/4/14


God is so good! Praise the Lord I have incredible news! My prayers to see my poetry published are being answered! I began writing poetry about 27 years ago and then in 1997 as God began to get more of ahold on my life the poetry became more spiritual in nature and then became even more so after God gave me a great spiritual breakthrough in 2001. God gave me a great many poems during the difficult years in and out of prison from 2001 until 2010. For over 10 years I have prayed that my poetry would be published and get out there where it can bless and encourage people and build the Kingdom of God and now it is beginning to happen. God has supernaturally provided a friend and dear brother in Christ is going to begin to translate my poems and put together a book to be published in India for God's beautiful children there so they can receive from the poems God has given me. Now, the seeds that God gave me in the form of the poems, which have already been planted on my poetry the website and on Facebook can begin to be scattered, watered, and begin to bear fruit for the Kingdom of Light clear on the other side of the world in a place I have never even been, though I have long dreamed of going there and have loved the beautiful people who live there. Hallelujah! I am so blessed, what an awesome God our Creator and Father is! Dear friend, if you do not know Jesus the Savior yet and God the Father to whom you have been restored by Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for all mankind then please tell him today that you want to know him and he will give you a whole new and beautiful, exciting, challenging life full of love peace and joy and the immense pleasure of serving God in his spiritual army to crush the powers of evil in the world and build the Kingdom of God through love and righteousness so Jesus can return to earth and reign as King and God from his eternal throne in Jerusalem!

-Steve Pursell, 7/4/14